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Despite security concerns, residence hall cameras seem like an extreme measure

Matt Prunk, Crier Staff

April 11, 2013

In the world of modern technology video surveillance has become an invaluable tool, protecting private homes, businesses and politicians alike. However where is the line drawn? When does the tool become a weapon? As many Saint Anselm stud...

If used properly, Dominic cameras can bring benefits to students, residences

Rachel Dushkewich, Crier Staff

April 11, 2013

Recently, the decision of Residence Life and Education to install security cameras in Dominic Hall has dominated campus-related gossip. Some suggest that these cameras would violate students’ privacy. No one, after all, wants t...

Plans for new housing on campus will bring relief and change for students

Jocelyn Visconte, Crier Staff

April 11, 2013

Housing lottery can always be a stressful time for students who are looking to live on campus. People constantly inquire about who got which number and what average is the best and what average is the worst. Everyone desires o...

‘Rape culture’ far from an isolated issue, should matter to all of us as well

Jennifer Murray, Speacial to the Crier

April 11, 2013

Before sitting down to write this I watched a segment on MSNBC during which Melissa Harris-Perry wrote a letter to the Steubenville, Ohio rape survivor and read it on the air. The first thing she said was, "This letter is an apolo...

Education is our greatest weapon against dangerous societal ideas

Sean Curran, Speacial to the Crier

April 11, 2013

Have you ever heard the term "rape culture" used before? I hadn’t until my college years, but it really came into my consciousness with what’s happened in Steubenville, Ohio since last August and with the media reports I’...

Education does not end at the classroom door

Susan Watkins, Crier Staff

April 11, 2013

The increasing gaps between differing sides of disagreements become ever more apparent as time goes on, though one agreement can generally be made regardless of your topic or bias—the agreement being that ignorance is unacc...

Recycling bins well worth the cost for a greener, cleaner campus

Kailyn Gallagher, Crier Staff

April 11, 2013

There is good news for the Saint Anselm campus, the college is working towards being full scale recycling campus wide. However, what is the hold up and why haven’t these changes been made sooner? Everyone has seen the plast...

In times of change, how do Anselmians react?

Crier Editorial

April 11, 2013

As Father Jonathan DeFelice O.S.B., president of the college, prepares to step down this spring many students prepare to make transitions of their down. Some are moving from being immature freshman who are unsure of themselves into...

For new Pope Francis, election is just the beginning

March 21, 2013

After a swift conclave,Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected by 115 cardinals as the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church one week ago today. A Jesuit, the new Pope chose the name Francis, after Francis of Assisi, a saint...

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