Increasing underrepresented voter turnout in New Hampshire

Emily Craig, Assistant News Editor

“For this Presidential Election, volunteers and paid workers are in need to reach Latino voters in Manchester and Nashua,” said Professor Susana Castillo-Rodríguez, Ph.D.

Castillo-Rodríguez took part in volunteering on Oct. 22 with the Manchester chapter of the Granite State Organizing Project (GSOP). Work done by the GSOP and its volunteers encourages any and all to be active in their country’s election, even if you are not yet registered to vote, which the GSOP urges you to do.

“Groat works for a nonpartisan voter engagement project, with the goal of ensuring that more low-income people, immigrants and people of color vote in November.  They are going door to door in lower-income neighborhoods in Manchester and Nashua on weekends and select weeknights,” Castillo-Rodríguez tells The Crier. “Here you have an opportunity to serve the community, to play a key role as a conscientious citizen and to learn more about politics and Latino communities.”

On the GSOP website, the Manchester chapter states, “In this election year, the Manchester chapter of GSOP is devoting time and effort to educate people about the importance of voting. Candidate and Moral Economy forums are being held along with door to door canvassing to reach out to Manchester citizens.”

This door to door canvassing is offered as a short-term, part-time job between early September and election day, Nov. 8. Volunteers are asked to give at least 10 to 12 hours of their time each week, either during the week in the evenings or over the weekend. The pay is $15 per hour and the GSOP Manchester chapter provides training beforehand.

During the October canvassing, volunteers and paid workers go to lower-income neighborhoods in both Manchester and Nashua.

Granite State Organizing Project logo.
Courtesy\Susana Castillo-Rodriguez
Granite State Organizing Project logo.

As a nonpartisan voter engagement project, not only does the GSOP effort educate voters about conditions facing low-wage workers, it also has a goal of ensuring that more low-income people, immigrants and people of color, single women and young adults vote in large numbers this November.

Those volunteering for the Manchester chapter were not only locals, but people coming from up and down the East Coast. Volunteers from Washington, D.C., and New York offered their services to the group. Several joined the local volunteers to help with door to door canvassing. Others joined to work in other positions within the organization.

A member of the GSOP stated,“The experience participating with the Granite State Organizing Project is incredible as volunteers have the opportunity to engage in a project based on civil and social rights with the aim to reach a community which is usually marginalized and to talk with people about real problems of housing, immigration status, work, minimum wage…It’s a window to a reality sometimes hidden to our eyes which can be unveiled by engaging in meaningful, grassroots, outreach, social and civil projects such as GSOP.”

As stated on the group’s flyer, “This job is good for anyone who is outgoing, enjoys people, and reasonably good at keeping records; students, job seekers, stay-at-home parents, or anyone who needs an extra source of income.”

For more information, call Janet Groat at 603-479-9603 or email her at [email protected].