National Novel Writing Month finishes its third week, NH hits close to eight million words

Emily Craig, Assistant News Editor

National Novel Writing Month has been gaining traction as it comes to the end of its third week after New Hampshire started the month off with 954,226 words written on Nov. 1.

As a part of the national program, NaNoWriMo participants have the ability to join a home region where they can connect online with other participants in their area. The state of New Hampshire has 768 participants. As of Nov. 12, the average word count was 8,262 words per day and around $1,140 was donated to the program.

The participants in NH have been churning out around 400,000 words every day, having already written 6,345,775 in total as of Nov. 12. By the end of the third week, NH will have written at least 8,000,000 words across the state.

One of the several resources offered by the Geisel Library on campus in light of NaNoWriMo is the book “No Plot? No Problem!” by Chris Baty. It was purchased last year specifically for on-campus participants of NaNoWriMo. The library also has a Geisel guide featuring other online resources and novel-writing templates on its website for participants and anyone else interested in writing a novel.

Highlighted in the book are four “Lessons Learned” to inspire writers: enlightenment is overrated; being busy is good for your writing; plot happens; writing for its own sake has surprising rewards.

As the country enters the third week of NaNoWriMo, Baty offers some do’s and don’ts for novel writers. Baty advises to “get out of the 20,000s quickly [because] they’re literary quicksand” and to “attempt at least one 6,000-word day.” The only thing Baty encourages NaNoWriMo participants to not do is quit.

“The best part is around the corner,” he writes, “and your story is about to start gelling in surprising ways.”