Rank and Tenure Committee announces Spring candidates


The Rank and Tenure Committee announces that it will review the following candidates for promotion this spring:

From Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

Theresa Dabruzzi, Assistant Professor, Biology Department

Robert Gigliotti, Assistant Professor, Economics and Business Department

Rong Huang, Assistant Professor, Economics and Business Department

Paul Marmora, Assistant Professor, Economics and Business Department

Sarah Maynard, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Social Work Department

From Associate Professor to Professor

Katherine Bentz, Associate Professor, Fine Arts Department

Erik Cleven, Associate Professor, Politics Department

Kelly Demers, Associate Professor, Education Department

Nicole Eyet, Associate Professor, Chemistry Department

Christopher Galdieri, Associate Professor, Chemistry Department

Dianna Terrell, Associate Professor, Education Department

The Rank and Tenure Committee for spring 2022 consists of the following members:

Dr. Mark Cronin, Dean of the College

Dr. Hugh Dubrulle (History)

Dr. David Guerra (Physics)

Dr. Jaime Orrego (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Dr. Liana Pennington (Criminal Justice)

Dr. Elizabeth Rickenbach (Psychology)

Dr. Susanne Rossbach (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Dr. Joshua Tepley (Philosophy)

The committee welcomes letters from the college community with relevant information about the candidates. The committee will accept letters that are electronically submitted, but all letters must be signed to be considered. In other words, if you submit your recommendation via email, the letter should come as a pdf attachment with a visible, handwritten signature. The committee, however, will maintain confidentiality to the maximum degree legally possible. For the purposes of the Faculty Senate Rank and Tenure Committee’s deliberations (as well as for appeals before the Faculty Senate’s Rank and Tenure Appeals Committee), all names will be removed from letters before discussion. If you are sending a hard copy, please place the candidate’s name on the outside of the envelope and address all correspondence to Jaime Orrego, Chair of the Rank and Tenure Committee, Modern Languages and Literatures Department, Box #1635. Electronic submissions should be sent to [email protected] with the candidate’s name in the subject line. All correspondence must be received no later than Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Jaime A. Orrego, Ph.D Associate Professor of Spanish and Chair Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Saint Anselm College 100 Saint Anselm Drive #1635 Manchester, NH 03102