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Life-changing SBA experiences seem to fade awfully fast

Maude Pritchett, Crier Staff

March 21, 2013

Spring Break Alternative has just gotten back from yet another round of service, and they are all on their soap boxes preaching words of charity and goodness. Now, they didn’t have these trips when I was in school so forgive ...

College making great strides

Jocelyn Visconte, Crier Staff

March 21, 2013

Saint Anselm College, known (not always positively) for its old-fashioned ways, has really stepped up its game in the social media world. There have been constant posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is no reason not to know wha...

Is living on campus worth the expense?

crier editorial

March 21, 2013

What is the point in living on campus here at Saint Anselm College? Over 90 percent of Anselmians live on campus, according to the college website, and roughly the same amount seem to complain about the housing process. No one...

6th annual Lamothe Poetry Contest seeks student submissions by April 15

Mike Lalime and Culture editor

March 21, 2013

Saint Anselm students are preparing for this year’s LaMothe poetry contest. The contest was made possible by generous contributions from Manchester’s LaMothe poetry and is orchestrated in memory and celebration of the late Navy C...

SBA Orland: Finding friends and community in the woods of Maine

Talia Jalette, Crier staff

March 21, 2013

For the past 23 years, service has been an integral part of the Saint Anselm experience. One way students have been able to demonstrate their dedication to this ideal is through Spring Break Alternative, known as SBA. A program...

Some Girl’s Saint Patrick’s Day to-do list

Some Girl, Crier Staff

March 21, 2013

I hope you all enjoyed St. Patrick's Day, a day where everyone is Irish, no questions asked. What did you do? Drink some Guinness, put on everything green you own, wear that shamrock headband, and dance like a leprechaun? Well...

Irish Club to enter a float in Manchester’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Rosemary Lausier, Crier Staff

March 21, 2013

The city of Manchester will be hosting its 18th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. At noon on Sunday, March 27th, the parade will begin at the corner of Elm Street and continue down through Central Street in downtown Mancheste...

Spotlight: Contemporary Celtic Jams

Sean Fesko, Crier Staff

March 21, 2013

In the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day, this playlist offers a unique selection of songs to celebrate the holiday, beyond the traditional Irish ballads. The first five songs come from the Irish charts and are currently popular ...

Comparative pricing reveals off-campus housing a better deal

Amanda Lalime, Crier staff

March 21, 2013

When people are asked what they like best about Saint Anselm, one of the most common responses is, "the community". And it is true, the closeness and the sense of community at ours is truly remarkable. Of course, this is not surpri...

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