Six men battle it out for Mr. Saint A’s, Senior Ryan Sanford prevails

Rosemary Lausier, Culture Editor

The dances, the talent, the swimsuits, the tuxes, it is that time of year where we celebrate one group of men on our campus: the Mr. Saint A’s competition. The Saint Elizabeth Seton Society hosted the event on Thursday, March 12 in the Dana Center. The competition highlighted six competitors: Marcello Cugno, Jimmy Leonard, Ryan Sandford, Tyler Lindsay, Corey Winship, and Jack Heintzelman. These six gentlemen fought for the hearts of the audience and the judges: Father Benedict, Kevin Ward, and Sam, an employee from Davison. In all, the show brought many cheers and laughs and revealed moments of determination, joy, and sorrow.

The evening started with a group dance routine. Each competitor showed off their best moves on stage and in the crowed. While in the crowed, each contestant grabbed a partner and showcased their slow-dancing skills before heading back on to the stage for the grand finale. Jimmy Leonard in particular garnered multiple cheers from the audience and continued to showcase his dancing skills later on in the talent portion.

The group dance was followed by the swimsuit portion with each guy modeling the latest fashions in men’s swim and beachwear. Some of the outfits worn were a wetsuit, Bermuda shorts, and even spandex. Marcello Cugno, the first competitor to reveal his swim attire, came out dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Afterwards came the most exciting part of the completion with the talent portion. First up was Cugno who lip-synched to the popular Backstreet Boys’ song, “I want it that way.” He accompanied his song with an original dance and handed out roses to various ladies in the audience.

Next, Jimmy Leonard showcased his dancing skills once more with an interpretive ballet-like dance. We was accompanied by several of his friends who dressed in flower hats and silver Tulle. They danced to the Swan Lake them played by Paul Spencer on the piano. Leonard truly revealed his skills when he attempted and landed an acrobatic lift at the end of his routine.

Following Jimmy, Tyler Lindsay lip-synched and dance to a song by Michael Jackson which was well received by the audience. Jack Heintzelman followed Lindsay with an interpretive dance and Corey Windship lip-synched to a compilation of songs while changing into various outfits. Lastly, Ryan Sandford performed original lyrics to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”. He dedicated the song to Tammy, who came onto the stage, and his love for her grill skills.

However, what could only be considered one of the more shocking moments of the evening was when Davison Supervisor Leslie, whom Ryan had previously written a song for, jokingly came into the auditorium shocked by his newfound dedication to Tammy. It was a hilarious and memorable end to the talent portion.

The talent portion was followed by the formal wear. Each guy came out in their best clothing with a member form the Saint Elizabeth Seaton Society on each arm.

The last even of the night was the question and answer portion. Contestants were asked two questions each on various topics like his idea of a perfect date or which individual dead or alive would they take out to dinner. When asked what desert he would be, Marcelo Cugno simply replied, “a cannoli.”

At last the time came to reveal the winners. Third place went to Jimmy Leonard, second place went to Marcelo Cugno, and the title of Mr. Saint A’s went to Ryan Sandford. On his win, Sandford expresses, “quote”.

It was a great end to a fun completion that benefited an amazing cause. All proceeds from the event will go toward the campus’ Relay for Life. The event will take place on March 27th in the Carr Center.