Novels ‘In the Blood’ and ‘Twisted’ will keep you up at night

Juliann Guerra, Crier Staff

October is here, which means it is time for scary movies and creepy clowns.  So, within this theme, I have got two novels for you to read this month that will keep you up at night.

A psychological thriller, In The Blood by Lisa Unger covers everything from family secrets to murder and gender issues.  Lana Granger is a college senior who does not want her past known.  However, when her best friend goes missing, her story does not match the accounts of other eyewitnesses and she finds herself caught in a game of riddles with the eleven-year-old she babysits.  Lana finds it harder and harder to keep her past hidden, especially when it becomes clear that someone else knows it.  This book makes us question how much of who we are we can actually decide and how much of it is simply in our blood.

Twisted by Hannah Jayne is about a girl named Bex, who was her father’s favorite through and through.  That is, until he was accused of being a serial killer known as “The Wife Collector” and disappeared before he could stand trial.  Now Bex has a new life, with new friends, but someone knows who her father is and has the power to ruin Bex’s new life.  She has to decide if she wants to help the police or her father, who raised her by himself when her mother left. She also has no idea who to trust, because someone is lying to her, she just doesn’t know who.

Both of these books are mysteries that have you guessing until the very end.  They both discuss the topic of family and how difficult it is when one’s loyalty is questioned.  Each novel also reminds us that we are who we are today because of our pasts and, even when we want to, we cannot erase.

These books are perfect for anyone who loves crime shows or finds themselves to be minor detectives.  Perfect for Halloween, the time of year when everything seems to be a little bit spookier than normal. Novels In the Blood and Twisted are sure to keep you up at night  Happy reading!