Renovations at coffee shop to expedite service, cut lines

Stephanie Canto, Crier staff

There was an audible surprise when the first crowd of students walked through the doors to the newly-renovated Coffee Shop after a summer off.

The go-to place for all Saint Anselm students to hang out and eat classic comfort food got some minor but significant changes while students were off campus.

The Coffee Shop (or more commonly referred to as CShop), located behind Alumni Hall, has extended its work area to provide a more comfortable and less claustrophobic environment.

This change will be especially noticeable on those busy Friday and Saturday nights, where the line snakes around the inner perimeter of the building. Another solution to this problem came from the addition of another point of sale station by the fountain area.

The goal was to create another place where a line could form for those who only want something small, such as a smoothie or an ice cream, not a main menu item.

Rosemary Stockpole has been an employee at the Coffee Shop & Pub since it opened in 1991 and had seen its general design stay consistent over the years.

When asked about the changes, she responded optimistically, “The front counter area was undersized from the start, so it is wonderful to see the necessary improvements needed for better and faster service.”

Stockpole mentioned another small issue that they addressed over the summer: that of the microphone system that was used in the past. CShop now has a new customer pager system that eliminated the need for the microphone.

It is easy to relate to the problem of not hearing one’s number when it was called, or mishearing someone else’s order. The pager system cancels out the risk of either of these issues and directly informs customers when their food is ready.

Other changes include two condiment stations with three recycling/trash units and tray returns. Every table has now been equipped with a napkin dispenser as well.

At first, the word from students was a general acceptance of the changes.

However, as the first week progressed, it wasn’t evident that the changes were being enforced.

As of last Sunday, the new register had yet to be used, and many of the fountain items were not available.

Stockpole wanted to inform everyone that the project got a late start over the summer, which explains why there is a setback.

As a result, CShop is still waiting for further equipment to come in. The finishing touches should be delivered within the week.

While the menu has not changed, the attendant side of the fountain area is still not complete, and as a result, they have not been able to offer their full fountain menu.

However, this should be resolved soon as the equipment is expected to be delivered this week.

CShop is a staple of the Anselmian social scene. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee after class on a crisp fall day, or heading there for a late night snack with a group of friends, it’s always been a warm and inviting place for everyone. Live music, poetry readings, and other forms of entertainment flock to the night scene on occasion.

Making these small changes to CShop will not only improve efficiency but customer satisfaction as well.

These changes are expected to bring shorter lines, improved communication with customers, and additional space to the shop.

It’s been long overdue an upgrade, and now that these changes have finally come to fruition, CShop hopes to have a bright future.