Saint Anselm College opens the door for the class of 2025


First-year students doing a meditation on Alumni quad on July 28 during the annual A360 program. CREDIT: TOM CANUEL/CRIER

Tom Canuel, Culture Editor

Things are beginning to look normal again for students at Saint Anselm College following a year of uncertainty and restrictions due to the pandemic. The round tables and trays are back in Davison Hall, the pool and table tennis tables are functioning once again in the student center, a new dining service is taking center stage, and even the Abbey Church is back to full capacity to welcome students this August. Yet, one of the more noticeable changes is the taking down of the class of 2020 and 2021 banners in Davison Hall and the missing place where in a few short weeks, the class of 2025 will raise theirs.


Michael Iorio, the assistant vice president of enrollment and director of admissions for the college, stated that Saint Anselm College will welcome 490 incoming first-year students this year.


The class of 2025 has a very different experience heading into their first year of college compared to any other class that has passed through Saint Anselm College. Iorio stated, “This was the first class to have an entire year of either hybrid or remote instruction for their senior year due to Covid.”


According to Iorio, the class of 2025 was the first class to navigate college selections during a pandemic. First-year students experienced, “very limited visits to campus, with no large open house programs or opportunities to meet community members in person.”


Yet, the class holds many impressive feats. The class of 2025 displays the strongest average of a 3.4 GPA and includes a junior Olympic gold medalist, a musician who traveled to China with their Orchestra, a young entrepreneur who has painted custom sneakers for an NBA player, and a student who trains new chefs at a high-end restaurant. The students come from a wide range of communities, from New England, Arizona, California, Georgia, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey to name a few.


A recent poll sent out to 37 first-year students showed that a 75% majority are more excited than nervous for their first year of college. When asked, “What are you most excited for,” most first year students commented on the Saint Anselm community. One participant stated, “I’m eager to join a community of like-minded students eager to make friends.”


Over 91% of the students stated that they have connected with other students to try making friends before arriving to campus. On July 28 and 29, 150 first-year students attended A360, a retreat program designed to help first-year students navigate their college experience and make connections with other students before orientation. Additionally, students have connected through social media (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) and a “Meet Your Community” program run by the Office of Admissions on June 15.


Most of the concerns of the incoming class tend to focus on adjusting to new schedules, managing time, and moving away from home. Yet, the class of 2025 are mostly positive and are excited for this semester. As one participant noted, “Moving away from home is the scariest part for me, but the Saint A’s community is so welcoming and, while I know the adjustment will be difficult, I know that the support of my new community will help so much!”


The class of 2025 will move in on August 19. The Saint Anselm College community is eager and excited to welcome the class of 2025 to the college and cannot wait to see all the accomplishments of this class.