Question on the Quad! Students respond to what it means to be Anselmian

Matt O'Hara, Crier Staff

That’s right! Question on the Quad is back, and for this week’s segment we are starting off strong by asking students the question “What does it mean to be anselmian?”

I interviewed several students around the campus about what being Anselmian meant to them. Most of the students had never considered what the word meant before, so it took some consideration. As students, we encounter the word ‘Anselmian’ so often on campus that we don’t even question what it truly means to us. At face value it seems like an identifier for students that attend Saint Anselm college, but once the literal meaning is pulled back the word represents so much more. 

To many students the word anselmian was synonymous with the school’s tight knit community and the welcoming spirit that the campus exudes. Students, such as Faith Williamson, were quick to mention how being anselmian reminded them of the friendly faces they encountered everyday on campus, or how students happily go out of their way to hold the door for others. 

Kevin Macarelli, a student senator for the class of 2024, went further and spoke of how the Saint Anselm community “encourages us to be a team player and welcoming to others by participating in campus events and joining in on extracurricular activities.”

Another popular interpretation of the word ‘Anselmian’ was that it represented the need to improve the lives of both fellow students and the surrounding community. Groups such as the Meelia Center and Campus Ministry allow students to reach out to others, help those in need, and improve the surrounding community. Groups such as the Student Government Association and Nutty Anselm also serve as a platform that allows students to have a voice on campus and petition for change. 

Nick Bagley, a senior in the class of 2022, described the word ‘Anselmian’ as being hospitable to others while learning new topics in a rigorous academic environment. Here, we have access to the Mass, alumni hall, great food (even with AVI), and a great environment.” He also spoke of the amazing interactions he has had with other students on-campus and how it all plays a role in Saint Anselm being different from other schools.

While I found these answers from my fellow students very insightful and unique, I also realized that I should be asking the very same question I was supposed to ask others to myself. To be anselmian is to be a driving force for change and improvement both within the school and outside the campus. To be anselmian is to face everyday with a positive attitude and spread that positivity to others around you. We as a campus are stronger when we all feel included and valued as individuals, and being anselmian is inspiring and supporting our fellow students in order to maintain our strong community. 

Being Anselmian is more than just attending Saint Anselm College, but building up a more inclusive and caring community for all students, faculty, staff, and people.