Saint Anselm Spotlight: Lucubrations

Mackenzie Mendoza, Crier Staff

For those who are not well versed in Latin, lucubration is a Latin word that means “things, studies, and writings done late at night by lamplight”. This word, though derived from a dead language, is very much alive and present every Tuesday night on the third floor of Bradley House. Professor Banach describes the clubs as “the brainchild of student Dana Nolan (class of 2010), who started it as a website where students could share poetry, art, photography, and writing.” The club currently draws its main focus on the writings and readings of poetry. 

Every Tuesday night at 8:00, students gather on the third floor of Bradley to express themselves through the spoken word as they enjoy an assortment of tea sipped from petite teacups. One may have the desire to put their pinky up when enjoying the earthy taste and hearing fellow creative minds. Students both compose poems and read other authors’ works in a safe and accepting environment. 

Professor Banach states that along with students reading poetry, “We’ve also brought nationally known poets Kemi Alabi, Chen, Tiana Clark, and Patrick Donnelly, as well as NH Poet Laureate Alice Fogel, to campus for readings and workshops.” This makes for an incredible and unique experience on an otherwise regular night. The art form present in Lucubrations is not only confined to Tuesday night, as the group provides other opportunities for students to think and write creatively.

The club has many different ways in which students can get involved. Every month, Lucubrations ventures to Manchester to participate in “slam free or die”. This is spoken word poetry, which students are able to engage in by either reading poetry or by judging the poets who perform. Another way in which students can enhance their experience with the club is to participate in their poem a day challenge. This fun challenge occurs in the months of November and April, with the creative pieces born from it being able to be shared through means of Facebook. For those who want to have some tie to the group or fancy reading poetry, Lucubrations has an Instagram page and a Facebook. The club also makes it possible for students to subscribe for a poem a day via email or social media. For those who are interested in this subscription, email professor Banach.

Acceptance is an important characteristic greatly present in Lucubrations. One excellent example of such acceptance is that the club was one of the first to do open mics associated with a wide variety of social issues. Examples of social issues include sexual violence and supporting black lives in spoken word regarding MLK. This support is not only present in poetry, but also in the outreach to students. 

Professor Banach explains that “Lucubrations aims to be a safe place for the alternative student who might not fit into the sparkly shiny image that our campus likes to maintain.” This club is composed of alternative students, making for a funny, relaxed, and accepting environment for people of all identifications.

Liv Costanzo, a freshman who attends the group, said, “I love literature, I love poetry, I love writing poetry, and the people that show up are really cool. I met my best friends there.” The group can be described as quirky, in the best of ways, and the people are those which you want to get to know more about. At times the club even refers to themselves as “the island of misfit toys”. If you are looking to find your people, wish to express yourself, or want to enjoy a cup of tea, Lucubrations is the place for you.