Question on the Quad: How do students feel about new Davison?

Mariana Stauble , Crier Staff

“The renovations look really good! My favorite meal is the French toast sticks they have for breakfast, and I also love the grilled chicken they have every night.” Mia Clark ’26





” I love the new Dave, it feels very fancy and organized, the only thing is since everything is so much different than before it’s going to take me some time to figure out where is what. My favorite meal has to be the chicken parmesan and the brown sugar gnocchi.” Keidy Lopez ’25






“As a freshman I’m not sure if I can really say much about the renovations done at Dave. But my favorite meal there has definitely been the French toast sticks. I also really liked the Greek food they had this week, and the coffee cake is awesome.” Sophia Faria ’26





“I think the renovations look really nice. I Don’t eat a lot at Dave because I’m a commuter student but when I do, I usually have their pizza or salads. I really like both.” Taoighan Othot ’25






“I think the renovations at Dave are great and up to date. On the other hand, though, I do miss the old Davison Hall because it felt more homelike. The staff has always been great, and I think I speak for a lot of the student body when saying we are beyond grateful for them, and their positive attitudes. I haven’t eaten too many meals at Davison this year just because I have a kitchen in my apartment. I did get salmon for dinner with some broccoli, and it was great. Salmon has always been my favorite dinner at Dave since I was a freshman!” Tessa Moriarty ’23