Respect the Nest garden project aims to make campus greener


Courtesy/ Mia Tidd

Respect the Nest leaders, Hannah Peterson and Kevin Macarelli, and Prof. Talpin

Mia TIdd, Crier Staff

Respect the Nest is starting a new project to help this campus become just a bit greener. The co-presidents of Respect the Nest, Hannah Peterson and Kevin Macarelli, along with the help of their faculty advisor, Professor Emilie Talpin, are planning to start the Community Garden project for students on campus. 

Respect the Nest, an SGA subcommittee. has given a large amount of new opportunities to students to make better choices to help protect the Hilltop. The Respect the Nest committee wants to have students get involved and help make Saint Anselm College a more environmentally conscious campus for all students. 

Peterson and Macarelli have been a part of Respect the Nest since their freshman year. They made up a large part of the push to have better recycling policies on campus, and to have campus make a positive impact on the environment as a whole. Thanks to them, there is now a large recycling bin outside of Joan of Arc hall for residents to use as they please. 

This is what caught the attention of the previous SGA president, allowing Peterson and Macarelli to first join the Respect the Nest committee before becoming co-presidents of Respect the Nest. These two individuals have done a lot of work to help bring this idea to life along with the help of other students on the committee and Professor Talpin. 

The project is currently in its trial phase, according to the co-presidents of Respect the Nest. Plants that could potentially be a part of this new project are currently being grown in the greenhouse located on campus and have been since the end of the 2021-2022 school year. 

Respect the Nest is hoping to have this project up and operational by spring of this academic year. Physical Plant is also helping Respect the Nest with the process of figuring out where the garden can go. Thanks to the help of Physical Plant, the community garden should be going up in the grassy area by Sullivan Arena. 

The Respect the Nest Community Garden Project is meant to bring the campus together. Professor Talpin said, “Saint Anselm is all about community, so this is meant to bring the community together. How cool is it that you all get to grow your own tomatoes together?” 

Professor Talpin continued to discuss how beneficial the garden would be for the students and classes that take place on campus. “This garden can be part of other classes as well. Art, you can go and draw the vegetables or a spot for creative writing… It is a space that can have multiple functions.” 

The Community Garden Project is a new addition to campus that is easy to enjoy or get involved with. To get involved, simply reach out to Hannah Peterson and Kevin Macarelli or contact Respect the Nest via email.