Question on the Quad: What is your favorite Saint A’s holiday tradition?

Mariana Stauble, Crier Staff

Madelyn Brown class of 2025



My favorite SAC holiday tradition would probably have to be the gingerbread house competition. I think it’s so cool how people literally stand outside all
morning to get a spot and how many different designs people make with their gingerbread houses. It’s a good example of some friendly competition around the holidays and I think it really gets everyone into the Christmas spirit.




Rachel Bender, Class of 2025


Of all the traditions at Saint Anselm College during the holiday season, I find Decembersong to be my favorite. Put on by the college’s sacred music choir, this beautiful event filled with choral anthems, hymns, and prayers is the perfect transition between the frenzy of the semester to the peace and wonder of Christmas. The melodies heard at Decembersong profoundly touch the soul and I can think of no better holiday tradition than contemplating the miracle of Our Lord’s birth through the power of music.



Kylie Fitzpatrick, class of 2023



One of my favorite holiday traditions at SAC is the cheesecake and pie sale at Dav. I love being able to gift them to my friends and family. The dining hall works so hard to make all the baked goods and they all taste amazing!





Madigan Keating, class of 2026





My favorite tradition is the Meelia Center Children’s Holiday Fair. There will be so many crafts and it’s so fun getting to interact with the community. It’s on December 3rd in the Carr Center. Everyone here at Meelia has worked so hard!




Isabella Petrosino, class of 2024

My favorite SAC Christmas
tradition is the Christmas Feast! It
gives us all cause to dress up and
celebrate the end of the semester,
and I love being able to have fun
with my friends before the chaos
of finals.