Question on the Quad: Best study tips for finals?

Maya Pontes, Crier Staff

“One of the best pieces of advice a teacher ever gave me in high school was that if it’s the night before an exam and you’re debating an extra hour of sleep, choose sleep! If you’re overtired, all your hard studying will be for nothing.” – Marissa McNally ‘25 




“Look through all of the notes you’ve taken in class, with your tutor, etc. and write up a short study guide with all of the information that will be imperative to know on the test. It’s helped me so much to rewrite everything!” – Brianne Boyd ‘26






“The morning of a final exam, I encourage anyone to have a good breakfast with some tea, watch some TV and relax, and look over your notes for about 15 minutes before the exam. All of this helps to clear the mind so you are less stressed heading into the exam.” – Tom Canuel ’24





“I’d say grind. Put yourself in the library and make sure you study your brains out. Have fun with it, get a snack and a coffee and relax. Make sure to take deep breaths. I like to personally pray for memory, attention, productivity, and for a successful exam as I study in between sets. Sometimes getting up and taking a walk is good for you. One more thing I’d like to add is that studying is never a sprint, it’s a marathon. If it were a sprint then that’s called a review.” – Rome Spiniello ‘26