Club Spotlight: Men of Color group offers inclusion and support


Courtesy / @sac_menofcolor

Men of Color meets in the Intercultural Center weekly.

Mariana Stauble , Crier Staff

The first-ever Men of Color meeting took place in the fall of 2019 with about 15 members in the lower level of the Abbey Church. Now, three years later, the group has more than tripled to about 50 members. The group’s initiative is driven by African American/Black, Latinx, Native American, and bi- or multi-racial students.

“We aim to create an everlasting bridge between the community of Saint Anselm College and the city of Manchester. To be an inclusive and supportive group of people is the only way we all can grow,” says Justin Villanueva ’23, the club’s president.

The objectives of the club are to provide an inclusive and supportive space for growth, to support members in the development of a network of educational and professional contacts, and to engage in social-cultural dialogue that will enhance their understanding of self and their relationship with different communities

“The support from past and current members has successfully developed a network of educational and professional contacts to engage in social-cultural dialogue that will enhance understanding of self and relationships to different communities.”

Men of Color is just one part of St. Anselm College’s Network for Racial Justice, whose goal is to provide inclusion and equality to all students on campus. Some goals of the Network for Racial Justice are “engaging in self-reflection and dialogue with those who have different life experiences and perspectives… Also, encouraging one another to act individually and collectively in order to bring about a more inclusive and just society.”

“Bearing witness to past and recent examples of overt and systemic racism, we, as Anselmians, advocate for social justice, inclusion, and equity for members of our community who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color,” stated Joseph Favazza, president of Saint Anselm College.

The St. Anselm College Network for Racial Justice is a shared effort that started with a network of 40 faculty and staff and is still growing. Additionally, more than 100 student leaders, including our Student Government Association, are joining to co-develop and implement co-curricular programming. Any students are welcome to join the efforts of the Network for Racial Justice.

Men of Color was part of the recent Martin Luther King Jr. March and prayer vigil this past Wednesday at Saint Anselm College. Many students came in support of this event.

Some other events the group plans on having this spring semester involve a spirit week, a fashion show, and possibly another Men of Color Gala. The group meets weekly Mondays at 5:30 in the Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion, if you are interested and want to learn more.