New student literary journal plans first issue

James Maloney, Guest Writer

If you’re reading this, you probably have some love for the Humanities. If that’s the case, then we have something big for you. Saint Anselm’s new journal Humanitas will be full of art and literature crafted by fellow students from the Anselmian community.  The journal serves as a platform to get student work published and shine a light on the college’s creative population. The initial publication will be coming in late April both online and in print.

The organization of such a collection of works took a team of talented literature and art enthusiasts to get the ball rolling. First pitched by Professors Laura Shea and Christian Gregory, they needed students who could help put the idea into action. Co-editors Thomas Donovan ‘24 and Rachel Poulton ‘23 handle all of our literary submissions.

Both of the editors gave great insight into the journal’s identity and how you can contribute: “If you are particularly proud of any work you’ve done at the college, whether for class or outside of it, please consider submitting!” Donovan said.

Donovan continued, “We would love to share your work with the rest of the Saint A’s community. Beauty can come in many shapes and styles, so don’t be afraid to submit something that you think is too unorthodox for consideration. Your creations are uniquely tied to your creative mind. Come share yourself through your work!”

Poulton added that “the individual submissions, and the ideas they communicate, act like bricks: as we lay them down, one by one, alongside each other, the foundation for a much bigger idea/concept/thesis awaits. Humanitas, then, acts as the structure that has been built by the sharing of many ideas.” Our co-editors are looking forward to the creation of the final

Director of Art, Emily Pender ‘24, sorts through visual elements for the journal and has put a tremendous amount of work into the Humanitas website. The online version of the journal will be published alongside the physical print.

“Ever since I got here, I knew I wanted to put some kind of collection together,” Pender said.

She described her vision as “something where people can come together to not only share their work and interests, but to share their ideas to strengthen the art community.” She is accompanied by Design Associate Molly Dankese ‘26.

The team has high aesthetic expectations and represents the works of humanities with pride and dedication to the creativity of rising artisans and writers.