Pro-Presidents’ Day off

Kathryn Williams, Editor in Chief

Although Presidents’ Day is recognized as a federal holiday, Saint Anselm College remained open for business as usual. A recent poll on the Crier Instagram asked the community if Saint A’s should have a day off for Presidents’ Day. Of 67 respondants, 87% voted yes (58 people) and 13% voted no (9 people).

There are many arguments to be made for and against marking the
occasion with a day off. There are patriotic reasons, such as providing the
students with fun and educational events. NHIOP could host an event to discuss the relevance of Presidents’ Day. The Abbey and Campus Ministry could organize a prayer service for our government. CAB or any other group could put on a trivia night. These are just a few ideas for our
campus to engage with the holiday.

The honest reason for most college students would be that they would
appreciate a day off. I’ve talked with many fellow students about how
spring semester seems to be busier and more stressful than fall. Having
Monday off for Presidents’ Day could allow students to spend quality
time with friends or family. Or, they could catch up on assignments and
much needed sleep.

I can understand administrative concerns over the holiday turning into a bender, but college students are going to drink every weekend regardless of an extra day off.

Future academic calendar planning should include a conversation on
observing the holiday with a day of engaging events and program efforts.