Wiffle ball tournament meets goal


Danny Endicott

Saint Anselm volunteers showed up in great numbers to participate in the Meelia Center’s “Safe at Home” wiffle ball tournament. Back row from left: Becca Cronin, Haley Jarek, Schyler Crawford, Kasey Chambers

Sabrina Fahy, Crier Staff

The 20th annual Wiffle Ball Tournament was held on campus in the Carr Center beginning at 10:00 on November 3rd. The cause behind this tournament was to reunite a Liberian mother, Doris, and her two daughters.

Every year, the Wiffle Ball Tournament is run by the Meelia Center, an on campus outreach program that connects the college and the community.

This year, the “Safe at Home” tournament raised over $4,000 from fundraising efforts. Each team that participated in the tournament paid a registration fee of $100. Teams were required to have 10 members, but could have more. Teams were also encouraged, but not required, to find sponsors and to give monetary donations.

The tournament also raised money through T-shirt and bracelet sales. A raffle, which consisted mainly of gift cards, and bake sale were held in the Carr Center the day of the tournament.

Fourteen teams came together to participate in the tournament in order to reunite Doris’ family. These teams included the King Edward Society, Keys Society, Goffstown High School, Stindawg, Deb’s Team, Alumni, Wiffleballers, Langdon Mills, Koinonia, Seton Society, Child Health Services, Field Hockey, Sabers, and Club Lax. Deb’s Team and Child Health Services raised the most money, bringing in $200 each.

“The Stindawgs were the winners of the Wiffle Ball tournament after playing an intense game versus Goffstown High School”, said junior Becca Cronin, staff support manager of the Meelia Center, “The championship game went through 2 periods of overtime, which hasn’t happened yet in all of the years of the Wiffle Ball Tournament.”

“It was so exciting to see the turnout of not only students, but also community members and alumni,” said Meelia Staff, Shannon Fahy (2014), “and I enjoyed playing for such a great cause.”

Doris and her family surprised wiffle ball participants and observers when she arrived halfway through the tournament. She expressed her gratitude towards all of the Meelia Center staff and to those who supported and played in the tournament.

Saint Anselm College has decided that the proceeds from the “Safe at Home” Wiffle Ball Tournament will go to the reunification of Doris and her family, who were separated for over ten years because of a Civil War in Liberia. The girls are going to need clothing and school supplies, among other necessities.

As a way for the Meelia Center to get involved, the staff created baskets with supplies the family will need. The Meelia Center staff is divided into four teams- Community Outreach, Families & Kids, Teens & Adults, and Education. Team Education got the two girls backpacks and school supplies. Team Teens & Adults got toys and different games for the kids to play at home. Team Families & Kids got the girls necessities.