Lost and Found established in Geisel, SGA plans dining appreciation day

Dining Appreciation Day in the works.

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Dining Appreciation Day in the works.

Lauren Salko, SGA Reporter

The Student Government Association here at Saint Anselm College has been working tirelessly to bring change to the community. The past few weeks have been very busy for SGA.

Guy Sergi and Matt Philips have sponsored a new service for the Saint Anselm College Community called the Lost and Found Center. The Lost and Found Center will be located at the Geisel Library Front Desk. All items found around campus will be transported to the Library Front Desk where they will be catalogued and stored. Once each week a campus wide email will be sent out listing the items in the Lost and Found Center.

Guy Sergi also has a Dining Services Appreciation Day in the words. There are about 100 staff member that work in Dining Services here at Saint Anselm College. Members of Dining Services are always helpful to the college community and do not always get the appreciation they deserve. The Student Government Association is still working on the details for a Dinging Services Appreciation Day and as plans become finalized the student body will be notified about how they can participate and get involved.

Student Body President Lyndsay Robinson has been invited to meet with the United States Chamber of Commerce. The event, entitled, Getting to Work: What Students and Employers Need from Higher Education Forum “will bring together key business stakeholders and student leaders to discuss mutual interest in a successful higher education system.” It is a great honor for Lyndsay to be invited to participate in such an event and we wish her luck on her trip.

March 15th will be Saint A’s night at the Manchester Monarchs home game. SGA will be providing transportation for any students interested in attending. Tickets to this exciting event are only $10.00. Students will also receive a free piece of pizza and a voucher for chuck-a-puck.

Class Councils are working on fundraising for their respective classes. The Councils have also been working tirelessly on planning some wonderful events including movie nights, match making, formals and pub nights. The SGA hopes that you will attend as many events as you can.

The Saint Anselm College Student Government Association is working to create awareness of the national debt. The national debt is topic of great debate among our nations lawmakers. SGA would like to students to be more aware of this issue that greatly affects this country and its members.

With the semester now in full swing the Saint Anselm College Student Government Association has been working on some new projects. The Saint Anselm College SGA’s main goal is to help the College community. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact [email protected] or speak to any member of the Student Government Association.