St. Valentine’s Day service project begins with help from St. As alum

Sharing the love on Valentines day.

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Sharing the love on Valentine’s day.

Elizabeth Sawyer, Crier Staff

Paul Moore, a Saint Anselm graduate from 1980, has started an inspiring project that demonstrates true gratitude for our troops overseas in Afghanistan. Originally sending a care package to his brother, Moore now sends over 5,000 packages at a time with the help of many veterans and volunteers by hosting three big events each year.

Meeting at the 9/11 Day of Service event last September, Moore and Lyndsay Robinson ’14, the SGA Student Body President, decided to plan an event, similar to the 9/11 Day of Service project, in which students and other volunteers would work together to donate items, write letters, or assemble care packages to send out to those troops situated in Afghanistan.

Participating in this event also helps students to become more involved in a worthy cause to show their appreciation for everything the troops have done for our country.

“There were over 30 Anselmians who went back in November to work on a Christmas stocking project with Moore and some veterans,” said Robinson of prior volunteer work for troops.

Taking place over three days, starting on February 14th and ending on February 16th, preparations such as inventory, packing and shipping will be underway each day for sending these packages. The helpful teamwork from other volunteers, veterans, and students at the National Guard Armory in Nashua, New Hampshire will contribute to producing over a thousand packages full of candy and other items.

There is also an ongoing drive occurring on campus asking students to pick up non-perishable items and toiletries to be included in the packages. Robinson mentioned that writing letters to these hardworking troops thanking them for their service would be appreciated, since they look forward to receiving notes.

SGA does not usually undertake such projects as this, but “the point of the project is to do service and to continue to want to do service,” said Robinson.

As always, volunteering is an important part in this project. “To help out an Anselmian who gives his time so tirelessly to the troops is truly inspiring. I would hope SGA continues to give back to the community in such a way that Shaun [O’Halloran] and I have been working so hard to do.”