Class of 2013 council plans formal at Davison for April 20

Sabrina Fahy, Crier Staff

As their four years at Saint Anselm College comes to an end, the Class of 2013 is given opportunities to come together through various senior events.

Last summer, a senior event committee was formed and began planning and budgeting for the events they have enjoyed throughout the year. They came up with a package for seniors that includes five events: Casino Night, Sparetime Bowling, Skate Night, Senior Formal, and the Boat Cruise. So far, all of these events have been very successful.

The senior class has shown great interest in these events; 235 seniors bought the package of five events. An additional 10 people bought tickets to the boat cruise individually, and it is anticipated that another 100 to 150 tickets will be sold when individual Formal tickets go on sale.

“These events do not need much advertisement; they really sell themselves,” says Senior Class President, Joe Gill. “Usually members of the class will want to participate because this is the end of a great four years.”

On Saturday, April 6, seniors participated in the Boat Cruise. They travelled to Boston where the boat brought them around the Boston Harbor, as seniors danced inside.

The Senior Formal will be held on Saturday, April 20 in Davison Hall, where students will attend a dance and be provided with food.

“The Senior Formal is the last time that the class will be together as a whole before graduation,” says Gill. “It is the capstone of your four years at Saint Anselm.”

Through careful planning and budgeting, the money raised over the past four years, combined with the price of the package and the student activities fee allotted to them, Student Government Association was able to budget for everything without worry. There were no set fundraisers necessary for these events because the money was budgeted at the beginning of the summer.

“The Class of 2013 council has worked extremely hard to make sure that the senior class had a great year as they prepare to depart Saint Anselm,” says Gill. “Through this work we were able to budget well and put together some extraordinary events. It is my hope that each and every member of the class enjoys these events.”