70 apply for Academic Affairs VP slot; Bro. Isaac ‘like[s] the job very much’

Gabriella Servello, News Editor

70 individuals have applied for the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs at the college. These applications will be reviewed in the coming months by the search committee, led by Dr. Joseph Horton, and the names of the three finalists will be given to President DiSalvo by the last week in April.

In addition to Dr. Horton, eight other members are on the search committee that has been assembled: Dr. Denise Askin (Trustee), Dr. Harry Dumay (VP, Finance), Dr. Lori LaPlante (Biology), Dr. Kimberly Round (IT Dept), Dr. Beth Salerno (History), Dr. Amy Schmidt (Eco/Bus), Fr. Benet (Associate Registrar), and Dr. Hugh Dubrulle (History). All nine members will be reviewing and discussing each of the applications received.

To advertise the opening at the college, the search committee posted the job on many sites, some of which were also used in the national search for the president of the college. Some of these locations include the Saint Anselm College Employment Opportunities page, LatinosInHigherEd online, Chronicle of Higher Ed, and Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities online.

“Typically the Chronicle of Higher Education is where most positions in higher education are posted. That tends to be the most common place where candidates look for open positions,” explains Horton.

The national search has brought in a diverse group of talented and qualified individuals, according to Horton.

“Certainly the broader expertise represented by people from many different backgrounds is nice to have in the pool of applicants,” says Horton.

Of the many qualifications sought in the ideal candidate, Horton emphasizes the importance of understanding the mission of the college.

“And by mission, I mean we’re a Catholic, Benedictine, liberal arts college and all those things are important to be able to promote our image.”

This is the first time in the college’s history that the positions of VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College have been separated. Originally, Fr. Augustine Kelly, O.S.B. served in both of these roles until October 2013. Currently, Bro. Isaac Murphy, O.S.B. is the Interim VP for Academic Affairs and Dr. Mark Cronin is the Interim Dean of the College.

Horton believes it was wise to separate these tasks into two different positions in that the latter role is more “operational” and involves more day-to-day interactions with students.

“I think the two roles are quite different, although obviously related…It’s a brilliant step by Dr. DiSalvo,” says Horton.

Bro. Isaac has been the Interim VP for Academic Affairs for the past four months. In addition to this role, he is also a member of the Board of Trustees and a professor in the politics department. Previously, he served as the Prior of the Saint Anselm Abbey. Bro. Isaac’s new position differs from the other jobs he has had, especially in terms of the amount of time dedicated.

“It’s a very different role … The Prior’s job is an administrative job… [and] is relentless…That’s seven days a week and it’s all the time – you live there in the monastery. In this job, the organization is more complex and the duties are more intense, but it’s not seven days a week…That’s the biggest difference.”

Bro. Isaac did not comment on whether he is among the 70 applicants for the full-time position, but did say that he “like[s] the job very much.”