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A Reflection on President DiSalvo’s First Year

Dan Pierson, Crier Staff

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A year after Steven R. DiSalvo was selected as the first layman president of Saint Anselm, he has begun to enact his vision to expand the hilltop’s reputation and image across the United States.

Over the last few moths, DiSalvo has gone on a nationwide capital campaign in order to accrue funds through promotion to potential investors.

According to Elizabeth Keuffel, Director of Financial Aid, “Lots of new agreements have been signed, [which comes from] asking people to help because they believe in the product.”

With investors lining up, the school will be able to afford new building projects, new technology for the library, as well as increased scholarship funds for students.

Besides garnering support from investors, DiSalvo’s also plans to promote nationwide awareness of Saint Anselm in order to make the college into a household name.

Neil Levesque, Executive Director of the NHIOP, explained that “If a student who lives in California reads about Saint Anselm in the San Jose Mercury News, it’s to the benefit of the college.”

DiSalvo has been working closely with the NHIOP over the past year in order to help spread the awareness of the school.

This has resulted in a new summer program at the NHIOP that will start next year for local high school students, with plans to expand the program to high schools all over the country in the coming years.

Also, a partnership has recently been made with George Washington University, allowing Hawks to study at one of the most prestigious political institutions in the country.

Finally, the school has recently landed a national media partnership. Full details are being held tightly under wraps until Friday, September 26th.

President DiSalvo has laid out his vision for the future of Saint Anselm College, and, based on his actions over the past year, will lead to the expansion of Saint Anselm’s tight-knit community.

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A Reflection on President DiSalvo’s First Year