Sexual assaults double on SAC campus

Scott Murphy, News Editor

The Office of Campus Safety and Security released its annual Campus Crime Statistics and Fire Safety Report for the 2013 academic year on October 1.

A campus-wide email was sent out on October 17 by Director of Campus Safety and Security Donald Davidson that notified the Saint Anselm community that the report had been made publically available in PDF form at

This was made a legal requirement by the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act passed by Congress in 1990.

Additionally, paper copies of the combined Annual Security and Fire Safety Report are available at the Office of Campus Safety & Security in the Daley Building, and mailed copies can be requested by calling (603) 641-7260.

In his email, Davidson asserted that “Saint Anselm College is committed to assisting all members of the College community in providing for their own safety and security.”

The crimes listed in the report demonstrate solely crimes that were reported to Campus Safety, and are not indicative of all of the crimes that may have occurred during the past academic year.

Among the reported crimes are four charges of forcible sexual assault.

While this is less than the five reported sex offense cases in 2011, it shows an increase from 2012, which had two reported cases.

Two cases of aggravated assault were reported, down from one reported case in 2012 and five reported cases in 2011.

The report also noted the occurrence of a hate crime, stating that “There was one reported simple assault with a bias of race that occurred on campus in 2013.”

Further details about this specific incident are not included in the report and have not been disclosed by Campus Safety.

One case of burglary and no cases of robbery were reported.

There were no reported cases of arson, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, weapons law violations, motor vehicle theft, murder or manslaughter.

All remaining cases in the report are either drug or alcohol related, including 17 liquor law arrests, 167 liquor law violations referred for disciplinary action, six drug law arrests and five drug law violations referred for disciplinary action.

Liquor law arrests decreased from the 19 reported cases in 2012, which was an increase from the nine reported cases in 2011.

The reported cases of liquor law violations referred for disciplinary action shows a continued decline, as there were 348 reported cases in 2011 and 217 in 2012.

Drug law arrests increased slightly from the five reported cases in 2012, which demonstrates a continued increase from 2011, when there was only one reported case.

Drug law violations referred for disciplinary action more than halved from the 13 reported cases in 2012, which was more than double the six reported cases in 2011.

Further comments by Campus Safety have not been made available at this time.