Barbara Baudot shares UN background during nearly 3 decades at Saint Anselm

Zef Vataj, Crier Staff

Since 1989, Professor Barbara Baudot has transferred years of knowledge and experience to Saint Anselm students.

Equipped with an array of international experience as both a scholar and citizen, Professor Baudot currently teaches both International Relations and Environmental Politics.

Professor Baudot utilized The sort of personal interaction offered by NHIOP, where Politics and IR majors are lessoned in an atmosphere where history is literally being made everyday.

She lived much of her early life in Germany and Japan, later attending Goucher College in Maryland where she earned her Bachelors.

After an extremely successful graduate school career, Prof. Baudot began working at the United Nations as an economic affairs officer.

Her job at the UN allowed her to not only work in both New York and Geneva, but offered a chance to engage with the global community in a political setting.

Professor Baudot now speaks English, French and Norwegian, something she credits to her time overseas.

Professor Baudot continues to maintain contacts with this organization and bring students to New York City for field study at the UN headquarters.

Soon after the UN, Baudot began teaching collegiate politics courses at Rivier College in Nashua, then moving to Boston University and finally to Saint Anselm.

Outside of the classroom, Professor Baudot is also the President and Founder of the Triglav Circle, an international group focused on the spiritual and ethical dimensions of modern day politics.

They use a moral and ethical approach to international relations, aspiring to enrich global discourse.

Professor Baudot’s hands-on work with the global community as made her IR classes a lesson in real world international problem solving.

Aside from the bevy of international experience she holds, Professor Baudot is also the proud author of multiple works on law, politics and the environment.

Her first work is entitled the International Advertising Handbook: A User’s Guide to Rules and Regulations, which looks at complex international advertising law.

She solo-authored this 400-page work in 1989, in conjunction with her start at Saint Anselm.

She’s also the co-editor of People and their Planet: Searching for Balance, an environmental look at the interactions that harm our planet.

She is the wife of a French citizen, Jacques, and mother of three grown daughters, two of which are international lawyers and one of which is a college professor.

Professor Baudot will be enjoying retirement with Jacques off the coast of Southern France or somewhere that isn’t snowy New Hampshire.

Aside from the great work Prof. Baudot does for both the community and Saint Anselm, it’s her engaging smile and warm affection that will be missed most when she retires at the end of this year.

Her ability to mobilize students into thinking outside the box is what makes her classes so special and the experience she provides only gives students more tools and resources to grow as scholars.