Chapel Art Center hosts reception for Reverie finale

Zef Vataj, Crier Staff

The Chapel Art Center is hosting a finale for its showcase theme of the year, Reverie: Realizing a Collection.

Part of the finale included an opening reception, held in the Chapel Art Center on Thursday March 12.

Members of the student body, College faculty/administration and the general public enjoyed light freshments while viewing the pieces included in the Reverie collection.

The exhibit has spanned a yearlong commitment to the return of aesthetic tradition, with installations throughout the school year.

Pieces that highlight the beauty of artwork from throughout history have been adorning the Chapel Art Center for 125 years, and Reverie celebrates the rich tradition of Saint Anselm’s permanent growing collection.

Headlined by an ink paper drawing from the Italian Baroque master, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, the first installation was displayed during the fall semester.

Maggie Dimock, the Center’s assistant curator, described the piece as their “most significant recent acquisition” and a true testament to the Christian values exemplified in these paintings.

For the spring installment of Reverie, the Chapel will display works from the modern era, including a grouping of special Women modernists from the 20th century, and contemporary works.

Since 1968, the Center has hosted over 250 exhibitions, but it’s the Chapel’s growing permanent collection that makes this finale so special.

Having the ability to display works that range from the 15th century Italian renaissance to contemporary New England, demonstrates the commitment of passionate staff workers who bring alive the Center.

Father Iain MacLellan, O.S.B., the Director of the Chapel Art , described the collection as a “longstanding commitment to the eternal resourcefulness of its beauty.”

Through this excellent collection, Saint Anselm’s rich and atheistic foundations are being realized once again.

The has made for a “very valuable community of friends who bring with them their own indispensible gifts and genuine appreciation” says Father Iain.

It’s certainly important that this yearlong exhibit is capped off with a rich and excellent installation.

As the spring weather approaches and the snow slowly melts, a blossoming art collection will only further add to the beauty of this college.

These pieces reflect on an era in which beauty and passion radiated from the canvas and the Reverie collection has proven why these works are so timeless.