Joe Alexander, Saint Anselm senior, runs for State Representative


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Joe Alexander ’17 campaigns to be a write in on the ballot for a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Aidan Denehy, Opinion Editor

The Saint Anselm Crier recently announced that a Saint Anselm student, Joseph Alexander, Jr., had won the state primary for Merrimack District 19 and will continue into the general election for a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

When asked why he wanted to run for State Representative, Alexander said that “There is a strong opportunity to make a difference in Concord. Being from a younger perspective, I can partner with the older generation and provide a different way of looking at things. I can bring my knowledge with technology and college affordability to the table and the older generation can bring their vast policy experience, and we can in turn make solid measures to support New Hampshire and all populations.”

Needless to say, being a State Representative is a large commitment. In New Hampshire, compensation for Representatives is fairly low; a 100 dollar per year salary and a state license plate. Alexander also has other commitments as well; he holds two jobs, is chairman of the New Hampshire College Republicans, and is also a Senior Resident Assistant in Dominic Hall. That’s a pretty big commitment, but it doesn’t seem to be weighing Alexander down.

Unlike many national campaigns, Alexander does not have a professional campaign team; instead, his campaign is assisted by his parents, who he says have been very supportive throughout the process. Alexander has personally spent some money on literature and signs as he says it is important to get his name out there. According to Alexander, “In an election like [that of] State Representative, a lot of people vote based on the name that they have seen.”

Alexander also has the support of the state Republicans, as well as an endorsement by Majority Leader Dick Hinch.

Alexander has also promised to protect the environment of New Hampshire, saying “New Hampshire has a reputation for being very beautiful, especially in the fall. If one takes a drive up 93 North they will understand what I mean. I love New Hampshire and I want to see it stay beautiful. That is why I would not support measures that would hurt the beauty of New Hampshire. There have been measures that would propose power line corridors and such among our major highways. I would oppose those measures or ask for an alternative such as burying the power lines.”

Although Alexander faces opposition in the coming months (as he is running against an incumbent representative who he says has a positive reputation,) he remains hopeful. In November Alexander will prove whether his ambitions are possible.