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Athletic Department announces winners for Hawks Soar Higher awards

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Athletic Department announces winners for Hawks Soar Higher awards

Devon Sherman, Crier Writer

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This past week the athletic department announced the winners of their Hawks Soar Higher awards. The athletic department instituted the Hawks Soar Higher awards in September of this past year and so far, we have seen many important figures of Saint Anselm win the award, such as Kenn Walker and Father Benet.

This award shows appreciation for those who have helped our student athletes succeed, on and off the court. It is one of the prestigious awards that the Athletic Department gives out. According to the Athletic Department’s page,  “First issued in September 2017, the “Hawks Soar Higher” Award was created to allow the Department of Athletics to recognize individuals that are instrumental to the College’s efforts to offer a first class, transformational student-athlete experience.

The award is issued each month during the academic year to two individuals employed by the institution outside of athletics.” The two winners this month were catering truck driver in Davidson, George Fong, and Associate Professor in the Philosophy department, Sarah Glenn. Professor Glenn is also the Assistant Women’s Ice Hockey coach.

George Fong has been a crucial part to the staff in Davidson and has been there for more than a decade now. He has affected athletics as well such as setting up the sandwiches and handing out cookies to children for the home football games on campus. George also hosts most of the catered events on campus. If you have ever seen George, you have most likely seen him with his Saint Anselm baseball cap and his Davidson work jacket on. He is and always welcome you to Davidson with a warming smile. George shows the Anselmian spirit that all of us truly should show. He is not only an integral part of the Davidson staff but also an integral part of the Saint Anselm Community as well.

Professor Sarah Glenn is an associate professor in the Philosophy department and also is the assistant coach of the Women’s Ice Hockey team. She has been a member of the staff since the varsity team was founded in 2004. Professor Glenn is an essential part to the hockey team as she handles most of the academic duties on the staff, such as study halls, class selections, and working with students to get the help they need. While these hockey players are athletes, they are students first and this is something Professor Glenn is trying to burn into these players minds. Professor Glenn is focused on improving the student’s performance in the classroom and make sure they can succeed in the future. She is someone who everyone whether and athlete or not should look up to as a role model.

These two individuals have helped this campus succeed on and off the playing surfaces in many ways. Whether it is catering sporting events or helping a student choose a class, these individuals are two people who we all should look up to. If you see one of them this week, make sure to congratulate them and thank them for all that they do for the community of Saint Anselm. Congratulations Professor Glenn and George.


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Athletic Department announces winners for Hawks Soar Higher awards