Safety & Security putting some teeth into parking rules

Emily Craig, Editor-in-Chief

Campus Safety and Security recently sent a school-wide “gentle reminder” for students about the Parking Rules and Regulations regarding the Visitors’ and all faculty and staff parking lots.

The distribution of parking permits has been slow this year, as most students know.

However, Safety and Security sent out this reminder as a warning for students that they “are not permitted to park in the Visitor lot or any of the Faculty/Staff lots during the business day for any reason.”

In the memorandum for purchasing parking tickets, the Office of Campus Safety and Security warned that they “will be ticketing for ‘No Permit’ and all other traffic/parking violations at the start of the academic year, as well as, towing without notice from Automatic Tow Zones.”

Donald Davidson, Director of Safety & Security, told The Crier that the issue with parking is one that happens every year.

The College has also switched to a “new parking management system known as IPS,” as stated in a memorandum sent to students. The new system’s online service is designed to “greatly [speed] up the registration process through the convenience of web-based computer registration.”

The registration for permits is a two-step process. Davidson noted, “Students have to first register for the permit, and then buy. It’s very important to follow the instructions [that come with the permit registration].”

Otherwise, students will have issues in acquiring their permits to park on campus. Once a student has that permit, however, they are permitted to park only where that permit allows. For example, only students with a parking permit designated for the Father Bernard Court parking lot may park there. Freshmen, therefore, should not park there for an extended period of time.

“The end of September, the beginning of October, that is when the heavy enforcement [of Parking Rules and Regulations] starts,” said Davidson.

As of Oct. 11, a total of 386 cars have been ticketed on campus.

“If students are parked in handicapped spots or along the sidewalk, they will be ticketed,” said Davidson. “[These rules] are as important for students as they are for faculty and staff.”

There are less parking areas for faculty and staff, Davidson explained, which is why it is so imperative that students do not park in the lots specifically for faculty and staff during business hours.

Alternatively, in emergency operations students should not be parked on roadways or beside buildings for an extended period of time; this could block emergency vehicle access as ambulances and fire apparatus need to be as close to buildings as possible.

“We need to keep those roads clear,” said Davidson. “We are not in a bubble [on campus]. We need to be aware of our surroundings.”

The following fines are administered for parking violations on campus: “$40.00 per offense for students, faculty and staff with a parking permit; $50.00 per offense for students, faculty, and staff without a parking permit; and $150.00 for parking in a handicap spot without a valid placard or license plate.”

Additionally, “vehicles without permits that accumulate three or more tickets will be towed, without notice, at the owner’s expense.” These fines cannot be paid at the Office of Safety and Security.

Students can find more information about the Parking Rules and Regulations on the College’s website under ‘Campus Safety and Parking.’

Davidson also mentioned the possibility of towings on campus with student vehicles. Student vehicles have been towed in the past and “the tow fee for vehicles found to be in violation of the Parking Rules and Regulations is $150.00.”

Vehicles that have “received three or more tickets for ‘Parking without a Valid Permit’ will be placed on a tow list and subject to towing, without notice, at the owner’s expense.”

Davidson explained that these rules and regulations are in place in order for the College to first be aware of the College’s surroundings, as well as to have a convenient place for Admissions, tours, and guests of the College to park.