Four professors up for tenure review process this semester

Elisa Verdi, Crier Staff

On Thursday, Sept. 3, the Rank and Tenure Committee announced the candidate eligible for tenure for the Fall of 2020. This semester’s candidates will include:

-Kaitlyn Clarke, Department of Criminal Justice

-Kevin Doran, Department of Sociology and Social Work

-Carrie MacLeod, Department of Nursing

-Michael Matheis, Department of Economics and Business 


The 2020 Rank and Tenure Committee consists of the following faculty members:

-Dr. Mark Cronin, Dean of the College,

-Dr. Ann Holbrook, Department of English (Chair)

-Dr. Mary Kate Donais, Department of Chemistry 

-Dr. Kyle Hubbard, Department of Philosophy

-Dr. Sean Parr, Department of Fine Arts

-Dr. Elizabeth Rickenbach, Department of Psychology 

-Dr. William Ryerson, Department of Biology

-Dr. Laura Wasielewski, Department of Education 


In their sixth full time year at the college, faculty members go “up for tenure”, meaning they are eligible for a tenured position at the college. Once they are eligible, The Rank and Tenure Committee reviews their candidacy. 


The Tenure Committee does not provide information regarding the candidates during the process however they do welcome and encourage letters from students and the college community regarding relevant information about the candidates. In a recent statement to the college, the committee outlines this process by announcing; 

The committee will accept letters that are electronically submitted, but all letters must be signed to be considered (e.g., in the case of an electronic submission, a PDF file of the letter with a signature). The committee, however, will maintain confidentiality to the maximum degree legally possible. For the purposes of the Faculty Senate Rank and Tenure Committee’s deliberations (as well as for appeals before the Faculty Senate’s Rank and Tenure Appeals Committee), all names will be removed from letters before discussion. If you are sending a hard copy, please place the candidate’s name on the outside of the envelope and address all correspondence to Dr. Ann Holbrook, Chair of the Rank and Tenure Committee, Box #1626. Electronic submissions should be sent to [email protected] with the candidate’s name in the subject line. All correspondence must be received no later than October 20, 2020.”