SAC students gather in NHIOP for election night watch party


Alex Dooley

The NHIOP Auditorium was decked out in red white and blue decor as students settled for the watch party.

David Micali, Senior Correspondent

Saint Anselm College students gathered in the New Hampshire Institute of Politics auditorium for an exciting election night watch party. With tables spaced six feet apart, students have turned their eyes to the two large screens at the front of the room for what promises to be a historic election.

Saint Anselm students felt nervous as the night began, with many students expressing stress as new polls and predictions popped up on the screens.

Max Ratner ’21, told the Crier he was “nauseously optimistic.” Brooke Blackburn ’21 concurred, saying she was “excited and terrified all at the same time.”

Abby Theobald ’22 told the Crier the race was “a nail bitter.” Throughout the ballroom, these feelings resonated with most of the students as they anxiously awaited more results to roll in.

As the night went on, Blackburn said she was “surprised” by the polls coming in and that made her more “excited and terrified.”

With polls starting to close and projections rolling in, the key battleground states of Arizona, Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas are more important now than ever before. Stay tuned for more updates from The Saint Anselm Crier.