The Great Davison Debate

Caroline Moran, Crier Staff

The great debate of AVI services at Davison Dining Hall has without a doubt been surfacing here on campus. Varying opinions have been shared about the available options and new system of dining services. It is no secret that students have their opinions on the food options here, and people did not hesitate to voice their truth on the satisfaction levels brought by dining options provided. 

Senior students Luke Moran and Julia Krutul have experienced dining options before and after changes in vendors were made. Despite the complaints brought from all corners of campus, Krutul and Moran tell us, when asked about the quality of Davison food, “it’s improved over the course of the year.” 

As the first semester came to a close and the current semester began, Krutul added that “they have provided more options and the food at C Shop has improved.” AVI services are seeking student suggestions on how they can make improvements to meet expectation levels, and Krutul has noticed “they are clearly taking student voice into account in their decision making”. Using your voice as a student at this establishment is an important factor and power that can be used to increase satisfaction of the dining experience as a whole. 

A more popular opinion was voiced by freshman Caroline Rogers. She tells the Crier that she “had higher expectations for what would be provided” because of what she heard from upperclassmen before beginning her first semester here.

 “I feel like it’s not the best,” she says and “juniors and seniors that I know told me it would be better than it actually is.” As someone who was not able to experience previous dining services at Davison, Rogers believes that “they do not have enough options, and I think that could be something they should improve on.” Underclassmen have several years of dining services to endure, and it has been clearly voiced that making changes would improve their experience at Saint Anselm as a whole. 

Students voice their opinion on the daily, but changes have not just been noticed by them. The behind the scenes effort of making changes has been acutely noticed by the dining staff as well. The experience is seen a little differently from an employee perspective, and a beloved member of the dining staff, Leslie Tsiorbas, did not hesitate to speak about changes that have been made and the ramifications of said changes. 

Leslie explains her outlook and tells us, “I would say changes require more efficiency now,” when comparing the new services with those previous, “and it requires more organization”. She also included her perspective on the work environment she is established in, and with the new dining services she has noticed that “it is not as warm as it once was, but their intentions are good.” Changes have clearly come from all aspects of the switch. 

When asked about student opinions that she has heard, Leslie opened up honestly and replied that she has “heard negatives, so I don’t know how the changes will affect student satisfaction.” That popular opinion has evidently made its way into the knowledge of the employees, but she explained, “I have not sought out the feedback, but people have come to me complaining.” As previously stated, Davison is looking for feedback from students, and it is important to voice opinions on what students would like to see improvements on. Leslie ardently urges students to take their feedback to dining services as she explains,“yes, they have their phone number available and want to hear complaints.” 

Changes are being made constantly, and can even be noticed when comparing this semester with the previous. Leslie feels “they are unafraid now to be direct with their employees” and there have been “a whole lot of changes with the food options”. She continues that “our cooks are wonderful…the chef is wonderful and knows that it will get better.” With staff so determined and optimistic about the future of dining services, students will likely endure more satisfaction with their dining experience at Saint Anselm. 

With constant changes being made it is inevitable to have different opinions on them. Dining staff urges students to deliver feedback on how improvements can be made. As students it is our job to establish our opinions on what is provided to us, so if you feel as if the dining experience can be at a higher satisfactory level, do not hesitate to leave your feedback at Davison!