‘Respect Nest’ seeks climate crisis action here


Courtesy/ Caroline Moran

Posters like this are located across campus, detailing where recycling bins are

Caroline Moran, Crier Staff

The race of the climate change crisis is one that we are losing. Irreparable damage is underway and the globe faces devastating consequences. With a world so divided, now is the time to come together with action to contribute to the effort of change. 

Human activity produces billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The production of things like coal, oil, and gas are “producing greenhouse gas emissions at a record high” (United Nations), and there appears to be no intentions of stopping said production. The ramifications of greenhouse gasses are detrimental to the state of our planet, as they trap heat on Earth, and contribute to “respiratory disease and air pollution”(National Geographic). By continuing the production of greenhouse gasses, temperatures will continue to rise leading to devastating ramifications including “environmental degradation, natural disasters, weather extremes, food and water insecurity, economic disruption, conflict, and terrorism”(United Nations). If all corners of the planet do not take bold action to cease this crisis, the cost will be irreversible. 

The United States Supreme Court is taking steps in regards to the crisis and what is faced in our country. The biggest climate change case in a decade is being heard by the Supreme Court over disputes that could “restrict or even eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to control the pollution that is heating the planet”(New York Times). The results from the case, however, could have catastrophic impacts on the state of the environment.  President Biden has plans to diminish the emission of greenhouse gasses by the end of the decade. However, the high court has intentions of shredding federally controlled environmental changes. Disputes are argued regarding who has control in making decisions regulating climate change in our country. Previous plans created by several Presidents were never implemented. President Biden has every intention to “aggressively cut greenhouse gasses”(New York Times). This legislation is currently on hold at Capitol Hill, and if the Republicans win one of the houses of Congress or both, then this plan could be terminated. In order for climate activists’ demands for positive change, Biden’s plan needs to be implemented

As college students, and just being the youth of today, the future of our planet is one we will inevitably have to endure. Climate change has been an ongoing problem going back years and years, but now is the time that we can put an end to it. Although it is easy to feel helpless, there are several practices we can adopt in our day to day lives that would be a great contribution to the effort. 

Sophomore students, Kevin Macarelli and Hannah Peterson are both the heads of the Respect the Nest Committee of Saint Anselm. The two provided the Crier with immense insight to the global climate change issue. Emphasized by the two is the fact that rising temperatures are being caused by greenhouse gas emissions. As stated by both Macarelli and Peterson, the emissions are caused by “human productions” and they remarked that “If we do not fix the issue of climate change soon and reduce our emissions, we will see further irreversible damage to our environment.” It is crucial that we make the effort to reduce our footprint and take the steps to diminish the production of greenhouse gasses.

Not only did Macarelli and Peterson describe the intense effects that climate change has on our environment, but they too advised some beneficial practices that we as students can partake in. Protecting the environment is a lot more than just recycling things; the effort goes much deeper than that. A big difference can be made if we are mindful about the corporations we contribute to. Macarelli and Peterson say to “shop from companies that are eco-conscious, including places that are carbon neutral”. It is also crucial, they add, “to look into a company’s manufacturing and distribution methods”. By being mindful about where we economically invest, then eco-conscious companies can continue to grow and produce more in an ethical manner. 

Other practices were advised including things like, “investing in reusable options” to reduce waste, and “conserve energy wherever possible.” Macarelli and Peterson say the easiest way to do that is by “turning off lights; conserving heat/air, and switching to low-energy lights”. The simplest changes can make a huge difference! Noticed all across the country is the influx of gas prices. The benefit to this, and a way to save gas and money, is to “reduce emissions from transportation and, specifically, from your car!” Their suggestions are mutually beneficial to the state of the environment and for the state of your bank account!

The biggest takeaway from the Respect the Nest Committee, is that if everyone contributes to helping protect the environment, we will see changes. So stay informed on the climate crisis we are facing, and do your part to contribute to the effort. The climate is changing, but so can we, and we can tackle this crisis together!