Class of ’26 counts 530 students


Courtesy/ Rome Spiniello

Class banner 2026 raising during orientation in Davison Hall joined by upperclassmen SGA and administration

Patrick McGann, Crier Staff

The class of 2026 began their journey at Saint Anselm College in the sweltering days of late August in New England, and as the fall days become crisp, the freshman class are getting used to college life. With the football team off to a record 4-1 start and events being held in person for the first time since COVID, the class of 2026 is getting the full freshman Anselmian experience. The class of 2026 is made up of 530 full-time students–the highest number in several years for the college. Of the residential students, there are 211 men and 179 women. There are also several international first year students, including those from Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Egypt.

According to the Dean’s Office, of declared students, nursing has the most with 140 students enrolled. Business,
economics, and criminal justice are other majors with a high number of declared freshmen. Dr. Benjamin Horton, Assistant Dean of First-Year Students and Academic Support, describes this class as a group of “high academic achievers.” He continued, “we have a lot of nursing students and a high number of students
pursuing new majors, including Public Health.” When asked what solidifies this class as unique, Dr. Horton said, “they are eager to engage with the college community. They are excited to be here and have already made and will
continue to make exceptional contributions to the college community.”

One leadership opportunity offered to every class when they arrive at Saint Anselm is to elect members to the Student Government Association. The class of 2026 elected Enrique Ingram Mendez as their class President,
Enzo Scicchitano as their Vice President, and Justin Bergeron, Joe Clement, and Caleb Lumbard as their class Senators. President Mendez said, “I chose Saint Anselm for a variety of reasons and all of which have come to flourish. The campus is beautiful, the food is passable, and the people are just wonderful.” Mendez added, “It has honestly given me a lot of time to reflect on how to best serve the community of Saint Anselm. All the people here really want to foster a sense of friendship, so I never feel weird about sitting down with a new group of people to have dinner. There’s a strong sense of community.”

The class of 2026 has been a part of many great and successful community events, including football games, Family Weekend, the club fair, and Fresh Check Day. Most of the upperclassmen were not able to take part in all
these events without COVID restrictions, making the class of 2026 the first “pandemic free” freshman class.
Most students at the college would advise freshmen to join at least one club or organization their first year, which is why the club fair is such an important event for these students. They get to meet over 60 of the clubs and organizations Saint Anselm has to offer, including club sports, the Intercultural Center, and several academic clubs. The class of 2026 has also been welcomed to the Hilltop with outstanding athletic performances, including a 4-1 start from the football team and a big come from behind win on Family Weekend against Southern Connecticut State University.

Families of the class of 2026 were able to come visit their children, meet their new friends, tour the stunning autumnal campus, and share the feeling of community and belonging that exists at Saint Anselm College. One of the keys to having a strong and impactful class is to have strong leadership. As Dr. Horton stated, this is a class with great eagerness and ability. “I have always been passionate about politics, and I thought that this would be a good way to dip my toes into an active leadership position within the student government,” class President
Mendez said. “I love how involved our class wants to be and I do not want to disappoint them. I hope to be one of the most memorable freshman classes that Saint Anselm has ever seen.” With such a large class full of strong and academically gifted students, the college community is excited to welcome them to Saint Anselm and are excited to see all the great things they are going to do as a class. Welcome to Saint Anselm, class of 2026!

Class of 2026 on the quad during orientation (Courtesy/ Saint Anselm College)