Kat O’Loughlin ’10 takes reins as new Campus Ministry director


Courtesy / Kat O’Loughlin

O’Loughlin (right) smiles with students

Brian Fay , Crier Staff

Kat O’Loughlin was recently appointed as the new director of Campus Ministry. She enters into the position excited by the tremendous opportunities that Campus Ministry provides and with a goal to make the organization more of an outlet of inclusivity for people of all faiths and backgrounds. 

O’Loughlin graduated from Saint Anselm College in 2010  with a degree in sociology. She was involved in Campus Ministry as a student and Anselmian BREAK. She did a year of service in Montana with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest. She got her masters degree in Ireland and then was hired at College of Mount Saint Vincent. She returned to work at Saint A’s in 2018 and she moved from the position of Campus Minister, to Assistant Director, to Director of Campus Ministry. 

When asked what Campus Ministry means to her, she gave a very enthusiastic and thoughtful answer reflecting upon her time at Saint Anselm. During college, she did not see herself being a Campus Minister, but she always wanted to serve and be involved in social justice. She fell in love with the idea that faith and justice can go hand in hand. She saw that the best place to implement that idea was college campuses, and so, being Director of Campus Ministry is a vocation for her. For her, it is a privilege to walk alongside students and be involved in student’s lives, both personally and emotionally.

One of O’Loughlin’s main goals as director of campus ministry is to strive for an even more inclusive environment for all students. She emphasizes that student training includes racial justice training in order to emphasize diversity efforts. She wants to share the message of the Gospel more broadly and help people understand what it means to be Catholic. She explained, “we are a Catholic, Benedictine college so we operate from that lens and seek to share our faith while also encouraging those of other faiths and journeys to explore their relationship with the divine. Every person on this campus is welcome in Campus Ministry, regardless of their beliefs.”

O’Loughlin quoted Dorothy Day, who said, “We must keep in mind the duty of delight.” She sees this quote as a calling to operate from the joy and love of God. This allows students to be their authentic selves, so that anyone can show up and take care of one another. 

She wants students to know that campus ministry is a place where people go not only to learn more about faith, but also to have fun and joke around in good company. This creates a space where students can just show up, form relationships, and get to know each other more, given that people are more likely to be their personal selves through this approach. In her view, this creates a more mature understanding of who we are called to be. 

Many students spend time in the office for hangouts, socialization, and community building purposes. However, for those who want to take it a step further and be more involved, there are plenty of responsibilities for those who feel called. For example, Anselmian 360 is run through campus ministry, along with Road for Hope. Essentially, there is room for people of all commitments to do what they see fit for them. 

Campus Ministry helps provide the Saint Anselm community with Mass, the Sacraments, choir directed by Eric Bermani, and RCIA (The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). Anyone who wishes to become Catholic can enroll in RCIA with the help of Campus Ministry. O’Loughlin emphasized Anselmian BREAK, where participants take trips across the country and immerse themselves in those communities and are educated on the injustices that occur at various locations. For people who may feel that Campus Ministry doesn’t apply to them because they belong to a different faith, O’Loughlin stated that Campus Ministry is an office for every faith, or questioning faith, or for those just trying to figure it all out. There is a multi-faith prayer room as well, open to everybody. 

Kat O’Loughlin can be reached at [email protected] for any questions one might have. The front door of the Office of Campus Ministry in the Student Center has a QR code, and from there, students can fill out an interest involvement form, and a Campus Minister will reach out to them. Or simply stop by the office and say hi!