‘69ers remember deceased classmates with new Goulet memorial


Courtesy / Jill Dorazio

Seal in front of commemorative benches dedicated to passed alumni of 1969

Jill Dorazio, Crier Staff

On November 6, 2022, Saint Anselm College honored its deceased alumni from the class of 1969, holding a formal dedication ceremony for a new memorial. During this ceremony, the memorial, featuring three benches outside of the Goulet Science Center, was blessed by Abbot Mark; this dedication followed the 11AM Mass on Sunday. A base of brick and granite complements the benches, fitting into the classic aesthetics of Saint Anselm; it is inscribed with a statement dedicating the site to alumni from the Class of 1969 that have since passed. Father Benet Phillips, OSB, emphasizes the legacy of community that characterizes the Hilltop, in that the memorial is meant to be a “gathering place for conversation, camaraderie, and connection.” Fr. Benet is the Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Advancement Programming. 

The Class of 1969 itself, an incredibly tight-knit group of friends, wished not only to honor their deceased classmates, but also their Class President Bob Silva. 

According to Fr. Benet, Silva truly “epitomized the characteristics of a true Anselmian,” which were evident through his “loyal and generous service” to the institution, as well as his “unflagging commitment to his classmates and friends.”

 The Class of 1969 Steering Committee organized the efforts to construct the memorial, choosing Jay Olmsted, President of Olmsted Design, as architect. This committee was composed of the following members of the Class of 1969: Rich Berube, Jeff Burke, Joe Conley, Mike Connelly, Steve Ellis, Kevin Geaney and Ken Goodchild. Burke, in particular, worked closely with  President Favazza, Abbot Mark, Senior Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer Jim Flanagan, and Physical Plant project manager Kyle Davis.  Funding for the project was made possible by the generosity of members of the Class of 1969, as well as their friends and families. 

Fr. Benet states that the memorial’s placement on Alumni Quad is a true testament to the “mutual affection” and “esteem” that still exists between members of the Class of 1969, in addition to “past, present and future members of the Anselmian community.” 

This class, as aforementioned, is still especially close; these tight-knit friendships developed while they were students at this very institution. The dedication exists as a “tangible expression” of this close bond and connection between the Class of 1969, President Favazza states. “This memorial is a visible witness to friendship, loyalty, and generosity,” not solely among this class, but across the entire campus community.

As part of the dedication program, members of the Class of 1969 read the names of their deceased classmates.  

“As the names were read,” Fr. Benet said, “smiles of recognition and remembrance were seen among those assembled, as well as tears for those dear friends who have gone before us.” As part of its blessing, Abbot Mark prayed: “Be present with us as we walk in this setting, and open our eyes to the beauty of your creation. Be present with all who come to seek your company in this place, and renew them in their stillness and silence before you. Be present to all who come to this place seeking friendship, fill their hearts with the love of God and each other.”

To conclude the ceremony, members of the Saint Anselm College Choir sang “Cantate Domino” by Pitoni. These members included Erik Bishop, Rylee Bradshaw, Noah Manuel, and Julia Smith.  

The following names are those deceased members of the Class of 1969 honored by the new memorial: Gerard L. Archambeault, James B. Barlow, Tim A. Blanchette, Donald H. Bouchard, Gary G. Boulay, George F. Burns, Harold F. Buttrick, Sister Marguerite Carignan, Brian R. Cormier, William C. Coutts, John E. Cullity, Scott Cummings, David J. Danielson, James E. Davenport, Robert M. Desorrento, John M. Fahey, Stephen P. Gagliardi, Phillip S. Gallagher, Richard N. Gill, Charles E. Gillon, Peter G. Gleave, Leo K. Hannaway, Ronald V. Hermsdorf, Richard M. Keane, Roger E. LaBrie, Pierre Lavoie, Christopher Leary, Robert D. Legrand, John M. Lynch, Jean Mastey, Mary A. Mazzuchelli, David C. Messier, Robert L. Miller, Robert J. Mulready, Ashley L. O’Brien, Richard T. Pantano, Mary A. Peters, Ronald G. Pierog, Robert W. Potter, Leo M. Prenaveau, Ralph R. Racicot, Barbara J. Robinson, Robert J. Scott, James J. Sharry, Edward C. Sherwin, Robert A. Silva, John F. Slasinski, Matthew M. Sochalski, Matthew R. Stachowicz, James J. Sullivan, Robert P. Taylor, Neil S. Viger, and W. Richard Wood.