Despite cold weather, construction continues on Humanities Center


Courtesy / Jacob Lamontagne

Construction progresses on the new home for the Gregory J. Grappone Humanities Institute, hopefully operational next semester.

Patrick McGann, News Editor

Construction continues on the Gregory J. Grappone ‘04 Humani-
ties Institute. With working being done through the winter months, the Institute is set to be up and running by fall of this year.

Last semester, the majority of the work being done was underground piping and electical. Now, students can begin to see the building take shape. Workers have begun to work on the interior of the building and the outisde structures, such as the steps and a patio area are beginning to be built.

Despite the record cold last week and recent snowfall, construction
crews have been outside almost every day continuing the project. Located between the Coffee Shop and Alumni Hall, foot traffic is
heavy, which is one of the reasons why this location was selected to be the home of the new Humanities Institute.

Work will continue to be done though the spring and summer months so that students can enjoy the new building next semester.