Rank and tenure candidates

Patrick McGann, News Editor

The Rank and Tenure Committee publicly announced the candidates up for promotion for rank and tenure this spring. An email was sent on February 3rd to the college community listing the candidates and asking for letters with relevant information on the candidates. 

The candidates being considered for Associate Professor positions are Christian Gregory of the Education Department and Jennifer Pace of the Chemistry Department. Both candidates currently possess the title of Assistant Professor. Additionally, there are six candidates being considered to be promoted to Professor from Associate Professor. These candidates are Dina Frutos-Bencze (Economics and Business), Christine Gustafson (Politics), Kimberly Kersey-Ashbury (Fine Arts), Jaime Orrego (Modern Languages and Literature), Aubrey Scheopner Torres (Education), and Joshua Tepley (Philosophy). 

Dr. Tauna Sisco, Chair of the Rank and Tenure Committee, said in an email that the committee welcomes letters from the college community “with relevant information about the candidates.” Electronic submissions are permitted, but need to be sent in the form of a PDF file with a visible, handwritten signature. All submissions need to be received no later than March 3rd. More information on how to submit a letter can be found in the email sent from Rank and Tenure on February 3rd. 

The members of the Rank and Tenure Committee for Spring 2023 are Dr. Mark Cronin, Dr. Hugh Dubrulle, Dr. Nicole Gugliucci, Dr. Carrie MacLeod, Dr. William Ryerson, Dr. Tauna Sisco, Dr. Sara Smits Keeney, and Dr. Jennifer Thorn.

Dr. Jennifer Pace, Chemistry (Courtesy / Saint Anselm College )
Dr. Christian Gregory, Education (Courtesy / Saint Anselm College )