Shea, Gebski win senior Coleman Awards, department honors announced


Ally Shea and Meredith Gebski win Senior Coleman Awards leadership and service. (Courtesy / @saintanselmcollege)

Kaitlyn West, Crier Staff

Members of the Saint Anselm community flowed into the Jean Student Center’s Melucci Theater for the 30th annual Paul S. Coleman Awards ceremony on April 24. Twenty-five wonderful students were recognized for their demonstration of quality leadership and service commitment throughout their time here at Saint Anselm. 

Many department awards as well as the two Coleman awards were given to students who embody the selfless and committed qualities of former professor Paul S. Coleman. Allison (Ally) Shea was awarded the Senior Coleman Award for Outstanding Service Leadership and Meredith Gebski received the Senior Coleman Award for Outstanding Community Service. 

Ally Shea, a Senior finance and economics honor student with a minor in accounting, takes part in many activities on campus. These activities include but are not limited to: Varsity softball, Road for Hope, Anselmian BREAK leader, Meelia center transportation coordinator, Delta Epsilon Sigma Honors Society, Sigma Beta Delta Honors Society, Pi Gamma Mu Honors Society, Association of Financial Professionals, and an Academic Resource Center tutor. The list could go on for the entire page which demonstrates the efforts Shea has put forth, granting her this award. Shea’s service through the years has had a clear impact on her, both in life and in the growth of her faith. “In these opportunities, I have learned that no matter where you go and what assumptions you may have about a place, the only thing that matters is to see Christ in each and every person and meet people where they are with a smile on your face,” said Shea. 

Meredith Gebski, a senior nursing major who was able to celebrate her pinning ceremony this past weekend, also left a large impact on the Saint Anselm community. Gebski is frequently seen in the Campus Ministry office welcoming new students with a smile on her face. However, Gebski is not one to seek recognition, making the ceremony a different experience for her than others. “As Kat O’Loughlin stated in her speech when presenting the award, ‘A peer who nominated Meredith for this award wrote, Meredith is not the first to make a grand speech in front of a large group, but she is the first to sit and listen.’ Receiving this award was a great honor that brought much for me to be grateful and reflect on,” explains Gebski. The selflessness that O’Loughlin shared of Gebski in her speech emphasizes the meaning of the Coleman awards. 

The department awards also left a significant impact on the student recipients. “Looking back at that night, a lot of it is a blur. However, what I do remember is being completely surprised and filled with complete joy. I went down to grab my award, and I was so shocked that I completely forgot to pose for a picture. I didn’t realize this at the time, but was told the next day that I forgot. To sum up my experience, it was a really special night, and I am so blessed to have been recognized” said Tom Canuel, recipient of the Campus Ministry Service Award. 

The full list of the department awards include: Admissions: Stefan Zwolinski, Athletics: Joanna Archambault, Campus Ministry Pauline Lucier Award: Camille Desjardins Campus Ministry Service Award: Thomas Canuel, VPSA Award: Chris DeMarkey, Health Services: Laura Abernathy, Meelia: Community Partnership: Kaitlin McCormick and Grace McConnell, Meelia:College Access Programs: Kathleen Cassels and Bret Mancini, Intercultural Center: Kylie Lison, NHIOP: Maeve McCallister, SEAL Office Award: Mary Halle, and SEAL Organization Committee Award: Guy Parenteau. 

Additionally, the following students were all nominated for the two senior Coleman Awards: 

Laura Abernathy, Joanna Archambault, Eloise Carlson-McNally, Cathleen Cassel, Hannah Chapman, Maura Crump, Nicole Farrell, Meredith Gebski, Mary Hall, Kylie Lison, Kaitlin McCormick, Benjamin Mckens, Lauren Moran, Guy Parenteau, Lauren Parenteau, Madison R. Rossi, Allison Shea, Alyssa Stakevitz, and Mary-Kate Williams 

Tom Canuel and Camile Desjardins win Coleman Awards from Campus Ministry. (Courtesy / @saintanselm)


Guy Parenteau (R) wins SEAL Organization Committee Award for great leadership. (Courtesy / @saintanselm)