Blizzard cancels classes, allows students to focus on less scholarly pursuits


Crier/Danny Endicott

recent blizzard has mad conditions perfect for snowboarding on the Hilltop

Maude Pritchett, Crier Staff

Maude P

Friday afternoon there was jubilee across this beautiful campus of ours when word spread that classes were cancelled midday. I’ve never seen such glee in my life. So I went on an exploration to see what you youngsters were up to on a wintry, blustery day.

Some people had stolen, or I guess “borrowed” Davison trays, and were sledding every which way. I had to be careful where I walked lest I be plowed into by a young man on a food tray.

Then again, I had to be extra careful anyway, these old bones will not heal if broken again. One fall, and your old Maude Pritchett will be bed-ridden for good. Although I’m sure I could get some nice, strong, burly man from Hilary Hall to take care of a little old lady like me.

In addition to the young folks on the trays, I saw a few ladies stocking up in Davison for what looked like quite the feast. Cereal, chips, dips, and more were loaded into plastic bags for what appeared to be a bear-like hibernation. I was tempted to follow them just to see what they planned on cooking up.

I ventured off campus for a bit to pick up some, um, supplies myself and found the beer aisle of Hannaford sorely depleted. I went to the liquor store to see what they had and found a similar problem.

Both stores were packed with people, and yes, Saint Anselm students were among them. Mostly seniors, so I knew where I was headed after my little shopping spree.

So after I consumed some of those supplies I purchased earlier, I ventured to the senior town homes and found many students of a similar mindset. It was a grand ol’ time.

Some students, presumably those kept warm by their drink of choice, decided to make snow creations. I decided to observe this activity rather than participate. A few of the creations were rather impressive with massive snowmen and snow angels, but some were downright disturbing. One that even made my wrinkled cheeks turn pink.

The winds picked up something fierce in the afternoon, however, and I decided to see what students were doing inside the residence halls.

Many of them decided watching movies and eating was the perfect way to spend the day, and I cannot disagree. The smell of freshly baked cookies wafted through some of the common rooms, and I was not above stealing one or two.

Thankfully, after fixing my hearing aid post-Winter Ball, none of the areas were too loud. Many decided to sleep away their day, or relax at peaceful noise volumes. I don’t think I could have handled another round of bone-shattering levels of music.

As the evening worn on, however, and the winds picked up, I decided to hobble back to my undisclosed residence, and relax with a beverage of choice.

Thank you Anselmians for making my winter day far more interesting than it otherwise would have been. I will remember it fondly, or at least pieces of it.