Beware the eternal nature of the Twitterverse, students

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Photo / Staff

Follow @MaudePritchett on Twitter to read more of her entertaining tweets!

Maude Pritchett, Crier Staff

I am sure many of you noticed I am now on Twitter. Yes, that’s right, those of you who didn’t know: I am now a Tweeter. And oh my, the discoveries I have made of you people twitting about.

Let’s divide them into groups since it’ll be easier for an old lady like me to remember.

First, there’s the social media addicts. In my day, people said what they wanted to say to one another in person, and if they didn’t want to say it a good look in someone’s direction would tell them all they needed to know.

Apparently, that is not the case anymore. People would rather tweet or twitt, every emotion, thought, idea, or action instead of open their mouths and tell someone. I find this very, very strange.

For example, why is it pertinent for me, and all of your 700 followers to know your daily schedule? I may look like I sweet old lady in my photo, but I can assure you I am able minded enough to not give a care about whether you go to the gym or shower or bake cookies with your mother. And I firmly believe very few other people care either.

But as many of you can probably see, I am now among those folks who are twittering about. I have also expressed my thoughts and opinions on my twitter account, so I do not have a lot of high ground to stand on.

I do try and limit myself, however, especially since I really don’t have the greatest eyesight so reading that light blue and gray screen is difficult for me.

The second group features those who tweet sparingly, but always tweet what they wish they had the nerve to say to someone in person. These tweets are always cryptic and hard to understand if you do not know the person or what they are like.

Some of these people tweet about their roommates with tweets like, “No please leave the bathroom door open. I want the light shining on my face at 2 A.M.”

That’s not a real tweet, but a paraphrase of one I read this past weekend. For goodness sakes children, turn off your phones and open your mouths. You are all capable young men and women of Saint Anselm. You can tell your roommate to please close the door behind her so she does not wake you.

Although I do find these cryptic tweets quite irritating, I also find them humorous. Especially when you know to what the situation is referring to. As many of you have noticed by now, I seem to know much of what goes on at this institution, and therefore can laugh at the expense of your whiney tweets.

A third group I’ve encountered are those who should probably not be tweeting in that particular state of mind. The grammar, message, and sometimes photos, are often indicative of a wild night that should not be remembered forever on social media.

As someone who has personal knowledge of some particularly wild nights in my hey-day, I am forever grateful that there was no Internet twittering site to document it.

Remember, Maude Pritchett is always watching, and so is God, so make good choices boys and girls, because they will haunt you in one way or another.