American media: distorting the truth for political objectives

Karoline Leavitt, Crier Staff

The liberal media- it is debatably the most appalling factor of the entire election cycle, besides Hillary Clinton somehow dodging an indictment, of course.

Liberals themselves will never admit it, but any rational and open minded individual can see the ever present bias that engulfs the media day in and day out. Major news stations such as CNN, ABC and MSNBC might as well come out and endorse Hillary Clinton.

I will start by saying that journalists and news reporters have the right to express their opinions. Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives and independents alike can rightfully and freely discuss their beliefs. But it becomes a problem when journalists treat others with opposing opinions unfairly.

It becomes a bigger problem still when news channels begin to report inaccurate stories in order to preserve their own views and, in process of doing so, effectively obscure the truth.

Let’s take a look at my favorite biased news anchor, Don Lemon, the host of CNN Tonight. Don loves to have Clinton supporters on his panels and gladly lets them respond to questions however they please.

On Don’s show, it’s okay for liberals to pick on Donald Trump for everything from his hair to his rhetoric. I watched this in frustration recently when Don had a panel of commenters on the show to discuss Donald Trump’s speech reaching out to the African American community. The liberal to Republican ratio: 4 to 2. The Democrats, and Don himself, critiqued Trump for nearly half the air time. Yet when the Republicans tried to speak, Don interrupted and hounded them with questions. How is this in any way fair? How is this in any way bringing just news to the American people?

However, the liberal media becomes worse and frankly crooked when news stations will purposely misinform the American people by leaving out important details of events that will hurt the Democrats and, of course, Secretary Clinton.

After a night filled with riots, fires and violent outrage in the streets of Milwaukee, CNN anchor Rachel Maddow opens up her show with “there were minor disturbances in Milwaukee last night.” To say “minor disturbances” is just utterly and completely false. People setting things on fire and yelling in the streets “Where are the white people? Let’s kill them!” are far from minor disturbances and the exact opposite of peaceful protest. In my opinion, that is violence and racism.

Say what you want about Donald Trump. He is certainly not perfect, but he is without question running against not only a crooked candidate but the crooked and biased media as well. The liberal media is unjust, unfair, and sometimes just plain old false.

It’s vital that Americans educate themselves on the latest news by checking into all news stations; but more importantly seeing the reality that is buried beneath biases and special interests. If so, people may just see things from a whole new perspective.