President Trump’s travel ban is for America’s own benefit


flickr/Masha George

A protest in reaction to Trump’s travel ban in D.C.

Karoline Leavitt, Crier Staff

Since Trump signed an executive order banning immigration from seven Middle Eastern states, liberal leftists are crying out even more so than they did when Trump was elected. I get it. There are millions of people in these terror-stricken states who are innocent and probably deserve to come live safely in America. But first and foremost we must protect our own people, as many of them have already been terrorized by radicals who were either from or frequently traveled to and from those very countries.

Despite what the leftist news stations may tell you, this is not a Muslim Ban. It is not an attack on Islam. The ban is on all people, regardless of religion or ethnicity, who are residents of states where radical Islamic terrorism has manifested itself and unfortunately has hijacked the peaceful religion of Islam. If a Christian person from one of these states tried to come to America, they too would be denied. So the liberals who are hash tagging “MuslimBan” are speaking not on facts, but on emotions.

I understand that it is truly unfair to all of the innocent people in these corrupt nations who want to come here to live a safe life. But so do Americans, whose home this already is. The innocent club-goers in Orlando who were just trying to have a fun night out, the folks in Boston who were celebrating a holiday and cheering on marathon runners, the poor employees at the nursing home in San Bernardino; all of these people deserved to live a safe life too. Yet their lives and those of their loved ones were torn apart because of terrorism.

Trump’s order is not out of spite of all Muslims, or to deprive the innocent ones from being safe. It is to prevent our own people from being attacked and killed, as it has happened far too often already.

Yes, America is a superpower in this world and as a result we are expected to take action when other innocent human beings are terrorized. But our nation and our government cannot solve everybody else’s problems while solving our own too.

What would America be today if we never put our own needs and intentions first? The Obama administration was far too generous on many occasions to other nations. Though I respected Obama’s intention to bring peace and justice throughout the globe, it is the president’s duty to keep his own nation safe first.

The president of the United States is responsible for American needs and interests, not those of the entire world. American people expect that he keeps them safe, and sometimes, in the case of Trump’s immigration ban, that means putting foreign people on the backburner, even if they are good, peace-loving people. FDR did it, Reagan did it, Jimmy Carter did it, and yes, Barack Obama, the president liberals hold so near and dear to their hearts, also did it in 2011 when he banned all Iraqi citizens from obtaining American visas for six whole months. Were the majority of those Iraqi’s Muslims? Of course they were. But nobody was crying out and saying that Obama was a Muslim-hating extremist then.

Lastly, this ban is temporary. It is for 90 days. Everyone saying that Trump is banning all Muslims because he hates them and never wants them in America is simply not examining the facts. I get it. It’s sad. There are women and children who were expecting to come here but no longer can due to President Trump’s order. But what’s also sad is the 14 people killed in San Bernardino, the three killed and 264 injured people in Boston, and the 49 young people who were shot in Orlando.

This is an American first order, not a racist, anti-Semitic one. Anyone who believes otherwise is acting on pure emotions stemmed from their ongoing hatred for Trump, not facts.