Weird weekends at SAC

Stephan Maranian, Sports Editor

In the short period of time that is the weekend, many things occur. This past weekend happened to be Spirng Weekend here at Saint Anselm College. From Party Your Classes Off on the quad to the Spring Concert in Sullivan Arena and everything else that occurred over the weekend, students went back to class on Monday with many stories to tell.

The Crier caught up with a number of students to discuss what events occurred over the weekend and the things they witnessed.

On Thursday, JT and Davison staff were stationed on the quad, barbequing and serving up smiles and burgers.  Friday and Saturday saw Uppers buzzing with activity. The beautiful weather brought students from all over campus to the courtyard to enjoy the spring weather. Sunburns were in abundance but that didn’t keep spirits high and smiles wide.

When asked about the Spring Concert, a student had this to say. “The Spring Concert was a great success. The music was loud, the lights were flashing, everyone was sweaty…it was everything I could have hoped for. Saint A’s even provided free cups of water for those who were thirsty. Terrific event. “

One student reported that he enjoyed his warm Saturday evening in Uppers at a friend’s townhouse.   A fellow student was playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour on XBOX and was getting quite upset. The student was yelling at the screen due to his poor performance.

The Saint Anselm statue in front of Alumni Hall is the go-to location to take a picture on campus. On any given night students can be seen posing in front, next to, or on top of the statue. One student reported she witnessed someone fell off of the statue. Luckily no one was injured and the photo came out great.

Every weekend brings forth many fun stories, some more believable than others. The Crier welcomes any stories of encounters and experiences of students on campus. Enjoy your weekend.