Letter to the Editor

Karoline Leavitt, Crier Staff

Dear Editor,


I would like to begin by saying I am certainly not the only student here who feels the way I do.

What I will express in this letter is not a tremendous issue on campus, however, it is a rather annoying debacle that I find myself experiencing every day.

Professors need to realize that their political beliefs do not necessarily align with the opinions of all of their students. Their job here is to teach and to inform.

By no means should they infuse their political beliefs into their classroom lectures. I could give countless instances where professors of all subjects, from Politics, to Philosophy, Communication and even Biology, have made their political objectives, beliefs and criticisms more than clear throughout class.

In one instance last spring, the professor opened class by stating that [he or she] did not vote for President Trump, because they think he is a ‘maniac, goofball’. How is that relevant at all to the class discussion? What could that professor possibly have gained from stating that to the class?

I sat there baffled, as I do most classes, wondering how my professor could have ever thought saying such a thing in front of thirty young students was appropriate.

Furthermore, it is no surprise that the majority of professors here are blatantly liberal. And that is fine, I am not writing to attack the party they belong to, or to critique the ideologies in which they align themselves with.

But they must not infiltrate those beliefs and opinions into classroom discussion. They must not allow their own bias to warp class material. I could recall more instances than one, when a professor has allowed their own political opinions to sway real-world examples. Such examples should help further ones understanding of the material; they should not further ones understanding of what the professor believes.

And lastly, our professors must realize that not all students here feel the way that they do.

In fact, there are students here who voted for President Trump and still support him!

(If you are a Professor reading this, I hope you did not have a heart attack at that statement, but yes, it is true!)

And while President Trump certainly has his flaws, many students still proudly label themselves as Republicans. The sneer remarks and jabs at conservative policies are not appreciated by students who were brought up on those values.

Many students here were, in fact, raised by parents who fully believe in the Republican party.

It is quite ignorant for professors to not realize this fact.

And it is quite disheartening that some are so blinded by their own dislike for our President that they allow their beliefs to linger into the classroom.



A fed-up Republican student