Letter to the Editor: “Hawks for Life” aims to protect life, assists mothers

Renee Suhocki, Class of 2022

My name is Renee Suhocki, a member of the class of 2022 and a founding member of the Hawks for Life club. There have been a lot of misconceptions on campus floating around about my club that I would like to correct here today. 

Hawks for Life has been in the works since 2019, and it was founded on the belief and mission that life is an issue welcome and open to all and for all from conception until natural death. My vision from the start for Hawks for life was for it to be a welcoming space for all to come learn and discuss whatever you are passionate about. Are you pro-choice but do not support the death penalty? Then you are welcome in our club. Do you want to do more/volunteer with the elderly or the disabled populations in our community? Do you agree that more should be done to support pregnant mothers in crisis, especially on campus? Then you are welcome at our club. 

No matter if you identify as pro-life, pro-choice, and whatever your religion or political beliefs are, life is a universal issue that affects all. Hawks for life was an intentional name. Our campus community is the Saint Anselm Hawks, and as Anselmians I would hope we could all agree that all life has dignity, matters, and is sacred at all stages. Even concerning abortion and women’s health care, one of the main mottos of the pro-life movement is “Love them Both.” Both the mother and the fetus growing inside of her matter and have dignity. How can one claim to support life if we do not give support to the mother as well? More needs to be done for women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. One of the goals in the club is to educate and learn together about how we can offer better support for women so that an abortion can be her absolute last alternative. A woman deserves respect, love, and understanding no matter her circumstances. We are not here to judge or condemn. We are here to offer support, education, and a safe space. We want you here, we love and support you.

One concern raised in the article was that we will be a partisan club. Why does it have to be partisan? The right and the left are the ones who have made it an issue of sides. It should not be at the end of the day. If you believe that the woman, and what is being done for the woman, should be the first and foremost important thing in anyone’s mind, then come to our club! Also, if you come to our club, we are not claiming to represent the whole student body, nor are we expecting you to change your beliefs. We are here to have a conversation, dialogue and to provide an avenue for you to get involved with whatever you feel comfortable and passionate about doing. I would implore you to have an open mind and to come and check out our club.