Rumors or facts: unruly events at Uppers


Comic by John Provost

Bears in Uppers

Kathryn Williams, Editor-In-Chief

Recent emails from administration and campus security suggest that black bear sightings and inappropriate behavior by inebriated underclassmen at Uppers are current issues on campus. Which of these problems is more pressing is up to interpretation, but I’d wager that the bears are more tame.

In an email to the student body on September 2, the Dean of Students outlined how Father Benedict Court (aka Uppers) was essentially trashed on move-in weekend. This was due to “the trappling of the crowds, ridiculous amounts of cans and trash all over the area, and brand new furniture dragged outside and into the elements,” according to the email. Neither the administration nor the Crier would assert that the issue is the sole responsibility of a single class or group, but the email stated that “non-seniors or non-residents of the area clearly contributed to the unacceptable condition.”

One notable change for the first weekend after classes following the email was the presence of the Goffstown Police in Uppers. Rumors began flying that one student was tazed and others arrested. Videos posted on popular social media account ‘Nutty Anselm’ on Instagram showed the cops playing corn hole. If you want to find the facts, simply look at the public police log on the Goffstown Police website. 

This year students did not have classes on Monday, September 5 in honor of Labor Day, so naturally it was a big party weekend. Despite the warning email, there were arrests at Uppers the very same night of September 2. Two individuals were charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. On Sunday, September 4 there was another arrest for assault on an officer, unlawful possession and intoxication, and resisting arrest.

While those accounts come from the Goffstown Police log, other evidence submitted by students to Nutty Anselm shares more insight into recent problems. I would not say the video of cops playing cornhole itself poses a problem, but the juxtaposition of that scenario with the log of arrests made the same night is certainly interesting. One problem that gained attention on the Instagram account was a first-floor apartment window being broken into and alcohol from the apartment being stolen. It is unclear who stole it, but this just goes to show that even fellow students recognize that behavior is out of control. 

There are always issues surrounding out-of-hand partying, but why does this semester feel more intense than usual? It is here that we could examine the effects of Covid on socialization and behavior. This year all of the classes have experienced remote learning and 3/4 of the grades were in high school at the height of the pandemic. Quarantine restrictions undoubtedly hindered opportunities for socialization. Could it be that students are partying harder and making more risky decisions to make up for lost time?

 Regardless of the reason, enough is enough. It’s time for a return of Anselmian tradition. Let the seniors and residents of Uppers enjoy their space. Most importantly, treat each other and the campus with respect.