New Dave not functional

Kathryn Williams, Editor in Chief

Recent updates to the servery of Davison Hall are a source of confusion, frusturation, and disorder for students. I was excited to see the new space and explore fresh offerings in the dining hall this year. However, I argue that the deli should not have been moved because its new location
causes a pile up during peak dining hours.

When you walk into Davison, there is one area that contains Trattoria (pizza and pasta), the deli, and Fusion station. This is also located in close proximaty to dining tray storage and the salad bar.

Recently, during a lunch rush around 12:20pm I found a crowd of students standing in a line from the main entrance in the lobby all the way into the servery. A long line is common during peak hours, but it was less of a line and more a crowd of confusion. I asked the person in front of me what they were waiting for, they didn’t know for certain. I walked up into the servery to gran a tray and asked another student, which station are you waiting for? Their response, “I’m not sure, I hope mac n’ cheese.” I looked around and couldn’t tell who was waiting for anything, it was just a sea of hungry people.

Where the deli once stood, there is now a type of grill station. I have seen it used for omeletts in the morning and sometimes there are to-go foods on one of the shelves. However, on this same day there was no food preparation in that location.

I believe that moving the deli back to its original location pre-renovations would help alleviate this issue. There would be more clarity when looking for the correct line if three of the most popular food stations were not crowded together.