Women’s history is still being written

Kathryn Williams, Editor in Chief


March, which has been designated as women’s history month, provides an opportunity to reflect on the tremendous strides women have made and all of the work we must continue to do.

In the class Women in the Old Testament with Professor Pilarski, we have had many class discussions about the evolution of women’s rights. Comparing present day movements such as ‘Me Too’ with the tales of terror found in the Old Testament clearly depicts the progress of women’s rights throughout history.

However, it is important to acknowledge that atrocities towards women continue to this day. We cannot rest in complacency that women of a more privileged, Western society have advanced in the social sphere. We must continue to advocate for women who remain silenced and oppressed. 

A prominent example of this in the news today is women in Afghanistan. Under the Taliban regime, women continue to lose basic rights that they had long fought for. Access to education and the ability to hold a job have become increasingly restricted. Even within the family unit, there are startling resemblances with patriarchal societies of the past. 

A student in our class shared a story about a woman in Afghanistan who was raped by her brother and was killed by her father after running away because she dishonored her family. This is a deeply unsettling tale worthy of the Old Testament. Looking at an issue like this feels impossible from our small corner of New Hampshire. However, it is important for us to remain informed and have these difficult conversations so that we can grow in support of women’s rights.

We should also concern ourselves with caring for women in our lives and our community. Saint A’s offers many opportunities to engage in this important cause. Consider donating to the toiletry drive to provide essential items to women in need. The Harbor also has a number of programs and services dedicated to supporting survivors that you can get involved with. Most importantly, take the initiative to check-in on the women in your life. Women’s history is still being written; let’s take the next pages in a positive direction.